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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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PostSubject: яσυη∂ αη∂ яσυη∂ ℓιкє α нσяѕє {bean}   Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:58 pm


Kyra walked through the woods with her weapons in her hand. She didn't want to take any chances with monsters jumping out at her. She stopped and put her shoes on. They were a bit beat up because the last monster she faced it wasn't a good fight. She thought about the fight and she chuckled to herself because it was a hell of a fight. She finished putting her shoes on and stood up from the ground grabbing both her bow and sword. She looked around in the dark and started to walk. "Come on where are you entrance." Kyra kept walking and heard a footstep. she turned quickly grabbing an arrow getting ready to shoot. She scanned the forest behind her. She got against a tree so nothing could be behind her. She put down her arrow still having it ready to shoot and she continued walking to find the entrance.

She kept her eyes open looking around and she saw the banner up ahead seeing the entrance. She jogged and few steps and entered the camp. She turned around to see if anyone or thing was still behind her. She saw nothing and put her arrow away. She turned back around seeing someone right in front of her and she punched the person. Kyra didn't mean to its just her reflexes. Kyra watched the person fall to the floor and she covered her mouth so they wouldn't see her smiling. She then wiped away the smile "I'm sorry, are you okay?" she asked as if she actually cared. However, she didn't She really just wanted to keep walking, but she did just punch the living crap out of this person. Lucky i didn't shoot you. she thought in her head looking up with a smile. She looked back down realizing the person was still on the ground. "Oh come on. I didn't punch you that hard." she complained.
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яσυη∂ αη∂ яσυη∂ ℓιкє α нσяѕє {bean}
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