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 you&i [juleb asdlkdngk]

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PostSubject: you&i [juleb asdlkdngk]   Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:12 am

june helen prenston,
(ooc: i payed for this dip a long time ago but i'm just now getting around to using it oops)

June had never wanted to visit the Underworld. It was not something on her increasingly large bucket list she had began making when Caleb passed. Feeling so close to death, almost trapped amongst it, was such a suffocating experience, but she was here because she needed to make herself strong. June had gone through a.. rough patch of sorts and she was only very recently beginning to pull herself together again. Needless to say, her period of spiraling out of control had left her with very little power over her own life. The dip in the river? Well, that was a last ditch effort—Ares style. She wasn't sure what had made everyone in charge of decision making allow June to go through with the dip, but it wasn't exactly a secret that June's life had been nothing but disappointment after continuos disappointment. Maybe they had known June needed something like this to give her hope again. There had been one bright spot in her darkest days, but even he had been taken away. When her light died? That's when June really felt her hope stripped away.
The girl was well aware that she wasn't really supposed to be looking into the endless field of souls so close to the river she was now almost touching, but she couldn't help her curiosity and she had one particular dead boy in mind. Her eyes scanned the field relentlessly, but there were simply too many people milling around for her to pick them out individually. She didn't know what she had been expecting, surely she hadn't been convinced she would find one out of the thousands, but when it came to her and the boy, they always seemed to defy reason.
"Are you ready for the dip?" a calm, low voice instructed. June nodded and she felt a hand come to rest on her forearm. "June Prenston," the man was shouting now, and June realized he was showing off. He must also be a soul, a soul picked special to assist those brave enough to experience the river. With his booming voice traveling across the raging Styx, June also noticed that they were starting to gain some spiritual attention. June didn't know how the fields worked, but she hadn't been expecting anyone to give her a second glance. Now, it seemed as if everyone trapped in eternal nothingness worked as a pack, and a crowd had formed. "Focus on a  good memory—a great memory. Focus on a memory that fills you with so much light that you forget about the darkness that's about to envelope you. Can you do that?" Again June nodded. She had made it this far. She could accomplish this. She had to. "I can."
"Step in.
June looked out onto the crowd, her stomach tying itself in knots despite her mental strength blocking out the nervousness altogether. The people gathered, which was a large number of people by the looks of it, were small and hard to see all the way across the river, but the daughter of Ares could still pick out individual faces. She didn't recognize any of them, most likely didn't know them, but the faces were still there, watching her blankly.
June held out her foot and that's when her heart stopped. She was already going under, but she hadn't missed the face. Caleb. He was definitely out there, and he was definitely watching. June did everything she could in the millisecond she had managed eye contact to convey some sort of emotion, but she was submerged in the Styx before she could see any reaction. Her good, powerful memories came easily after seeing the boy. She couldn't do anything though, besides clutch the arm of the man holding her down and think. She wanted more than anything to come up, to fight to see Caleb again, but she couldn't rush the dip. She desperately needed the dip.
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PostSubject: Re: you&i [juleb asdlkdngk]   Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:59 am

The Underworld was a vast thing, stretching millions of miles below the ground, housing centuries' worths of deaths and souls. If you ask me, I'd say it was just a dark gloomy place with tons of souls walking around and a massive three-headed dog looking over them all. Really, it sucked that you would spend more time here than you did in the world of the living. The only happy thing about it is if you spent your life doing good (i.e. saving-the-world kind of good to be sure, but who knows how Hades and Minos judged this kind of things). That's when you get to be in the oh-so-beautiful Fields of Elysium, where you get to keep your memories and everything else about yourself while frolicking around the only paradise in this new life.

Unfortunately, Caleb Wright didn't fit the judges' definition of good obviously so he got chucked somewhere else.


((Omg i'm sorry this is so late and so incomplete! Just putting this in to let you know that i haven't forgotten this. I'll continue when things settle down over here - there's just so much work to do ashdjsbflnsjfblsb))
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you&i [juleb asdlkdngk]
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