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 The Quest for Pencils [private]

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PostSubject: The Quest for Pencils [private]   Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:09 am

h a v e nllllm a n n i n gllll
d a u g h t e rllllo fllllh e p h a e s t u sllll

In her whole year at Camp Half Blood, haven doesn't think she's ever had to step a foot into the camp store. her cabin has always been stocked basically from top to bottom with all sorts of supplies and never have they run out of pencils. they never ran out of anything. never. it was such a silly thing to run out of, though. haven had a theory though, she was pretty sure most of them had been stolen by the kids from cabin eleven. she knew they were plotting something on her cabin for a while as they did on almost every other cabin, so she simply assumed. at that moment there were probably enough pencils to last another hour, from getting lost to being worked down to a nub. one would be surprised how many they all go through. sketching prints of new models and what not, well let's just say most of them have the ability to say they've actually finished an entire pencil.

so haven was sent to the camp store to find any pencils she could get and she had a feeling they would all end up being pink with flowers or something crazy she knew her siblings wouldn't care too much for. oh well, she thought. they're getting what i find. and haven walked through the door, the bell ringing as she did and the sudden feeling of cool air conditioned air hit her, a change from the heat it was outside. there wasn't much inside but a couple racks of t-shirts and shelves of hats. candy bars and other snacks lined the entire left wall, fully stocked at all times, while tools such as make shift weapons, backpacks, ropes and hooks lined the other. in the center around the racks of clothing and hats rested other sorts of supplies people often didn't go for such as the pencils.

Haven peaked her head around the shelves and clothing to find a kid sitting behind the desk reading. she hoped that the twenty drachmas she was given would cover the amount of pencils she would grab, which would be all of them. It was time to make a fool of herself to grab as many packs as she could. she examined the packs and realized that the only form of writing utensils they had were, as she suspected, pink and covered with My Little Ponys and flowers that lined every single pack of six. "Great," she sighed and started grabbing them all.

All together there were twelve packs of them, 72 pencils in total and would have to work for the time being. Haven juggled them all in her arms as she struggled to carry the pencils to the register and she simply was not doing well when she simply dropped five packs at once by running straight into someone. "Gods dammit," she muttered, even after the year the curse still felt weird on her lips. another two packs fell and as they hit the ground Haven just decided to drop them all and smiled, standing up straight again. she ran a hand through her hair, refusing to humiliate herself even further. Laughing she said with her southern accent coming out, "Wow, ain't I a little pathetic and really sorry. so, uh yeah sorry."

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The Quest for Pencils [private]
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