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 i know that i don't know you, but i'd like to-- private

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PostSubject: i know that i don't know you, but i'd like to-- private   Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:50 pm

avery donovan

i talk a lot of shit when i'm drinking, baby...

god, he was tired. it had been weeks since he'd last set foot on land, and he hadn't had the chance to sit down since the ship had come into port. it had been go go go, no stopping to get a drink or food or something. okay... well, tell a lie, he'd gone to a mcdonalds drive thru and got a chili chicken burger and some chips. but that was it. he had to make his way to camp, so there was no messing around. kitty would be expecting him before dark, so...
traffic was making his life difficult, however, and he couldn't help the way his fingers tapped impatiently against the steering wheel, or how his eyes kept being drawn to the clock on the dash. it wasn't late yet, of course. it was actually quite early in the afternoon, so his worries were stupid. but still, he didn't want to be late. he had gifts! and he wanted to see what happy, awake kitty thought of them, not sleepy, murderous kitty did. sighing deeply, avery pushed the cd player button, the tune of a snow patrol song blaring out before he managed to lower the volumne. it looked like it was gonna be a slow, slow trip.

a while later, avery's small little car pulled into the camp driving lot, and he hopped out, stretching his long limbs carefully and twisting his head from side to side to try shake the pain in his neck. his bag wasn't important just yet, so instead of bringing it to his cabin he just picked up the plastic bag filled with gifts for kitty and locked the car up tight, making his way up the hill slowly.
the first thing he saw was the tree at the top of the hill, a smile flitting across his lips as he got nearer. the second thing he saw was the golden fleece, and the dragon.
the third thing he noticed was the brunette girl with camera in hand, snapping pictures of the camp from up the top.
well... this is different.
it was wrong of him, sure, but avery couldn't help the way he paused, watching her stand there taking her pictures. before he knew it, she was letting the camera drop to her side and was taking a step forward as if to go back down. clearing his throat, he tilted his head slightly.
"perhaps, you should be more careful when you want to take pictures." in avery's eyes, the smile he had when he finished that sentence was dazzling- in everyone else's opinion, it probably wasn't. "monsters and all. i could have snuck up on you and you would never have had the chance to protect yourself." he shrugged lightly, keeping a tight hold on his bag. "then again, you could be a karate master and i could have ended up rolling down the hill instead of the other way around."
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PostSubject: Re: i know that i don't know you, but i'd like to-- private   Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:44 pm

Echo didn't know what to do today. She wanted to do something outside of course, but she didn't know what. She had dance lessons the say before and she didn't feel like reading any books. That's when the idea came to her, take pictures. She hadn't taken many pictures lately and today would be the perfect day. She quickly got dressed and went to the Mess Hall for breakfast. She talked to some friends and ate her muffin and tea before making her way to Half Blood Hill. She hadn't actually been there in a while mostly just going to the library and Muse cabin.

It was a cool day, a perfect day for taking pictures. The sun wouldn't be beating down on her which she was grateful for. Echo hoped she would be able to take a picture of the sun setting. When she arrived at the hill, it was practically deserted except for the dragon protecting the fleece. She stood at the top of the hill taking pictures of camp. Eventually she got a message on her camera, There is not enough storage for you take anymore pictures. She sighed before sitting down in the grass and going through her pictures on her camera. She smiles at a few of them remembering this and that. When she finished deleting some pictures, it was about lunchtime.

Echo stood up, wiping the dirt off of her jeans before snapping a few more pictures. Just as she was about to go down the hill to get lunch at the Mess Hall, she jumped a bit hearing someone behind her and dropped her camera. She quickly picked it up before answering him. "I'm uh not really that much into violence." She said before taking a moment to study him. She had learned how to analyze someone by the Athena kids. She had found it a bit weird and hadn't paid a attention, but she did notice a few things. He looked about her age and she had certainly never seen him before. She cleared her throat before putting out her hand and saying, "I'm Echo, daughter of Ares."

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i know that i don't know you, but i'd like to-- private
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