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 Abinators character

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PostSubject: Abinators character    Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:44 pm

Persephone Grace Fray

17, 13th, march, 1997


God Parent: 


Mortal Family: 

Years in Camp: 

Brief History: 
Persephone was dropped off at a human orphanage when a baby. Once adopted at the age of 16 got sent to camp half blood. Not knowing of anyone or any thing about her past,
her future, or her parents. She did not know anything except her comfylittle home in California.

Physical Appearance: 
Persephone has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her hair is long and goes down to her back, and she is tall for a girl. Persephone likes to dress up in girly outfits. For a child of Aphrodite, she’s unconventionally beautiful.
She’s always happy and always finds the bright side to things. Persephone often gets very jealous because she never had the childhood she wanted. On top of that, she’s very humble and enjoyable to be around. Finally, this demigod is extremely naive. 
Fatal Flaw:
Persephone can often be seen as too peppy, which changes her outlook on life for the worse. She’s very naive which can get her into trouble.

This demigod can speak french fluently, and can make boys fall in love with her at first sight if she choses to do so. However, this can drain her powers considerably, and it wears off said boy in a day or two. 

A pack of throwing knives

Year-Round or Summer: 

Year round
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PostSubject: Re: Abinators character    Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:25 am

Persephone Grace Fray
Is not accepted
This character is pending please check your PMS!

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Abinators character
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