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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 It's nice out here. Serene. {ML/Zuko}

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PostSubject: It's nice out here. Serene. {ML/Zuko}   Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:52 pm

this little blue bird came looking for you

Adelaide kicked off her shoes by the shore and stepped into the lake, the chill of the water sending alert up her spine followed by a calming sense of ease. The water stung the cuts on her bare feet--fighting barefoot had its cautions--but it felt good. She looked out over the lake. On one side, she could see the vast strawberry fields, where the Demeter siblings hovered about, trying new farming techniques and picking the plump red berries. Adjacent to that was the wood that the creek ran through. The nymph homes were in the treetops of that forest. Then, to the right of that, there was the neck of the wood where Capture the Flag was played. Adelaide loved a little friendly competition, and Capture the Flag was no exception. The Ares cabin often dominated at it, but sometimes the Athena cabin would outsmart the rest of the camp. Every game had a different outcome, and she loved that.

Behind Adelaide was the rest of the camp--the cabins, the amphitheater (which she tried to avoid, since the Apollo kids could be quite the annoyance), the mess hall, and her favorite part, the arena. For now, she was out at the lake for some peace and quiet so she could clean her wounds and clear her head. She had left her sword, Fred, in her makeup bag back at the cabin. It would be just her and the lake. She could say whatever she wanted, and only the water would hear.

So she spoke.

"I sometimes wish I were born normal," she said to the water. "You ever get that feeling? I mean," she laughed a little, "it's totally cool being the daughter of one of the most badass guys in history. But why did that have to kill people? I can't tell anyone, though, because I'm not supposed to. Apparently, it's sick to think that I don't want people to get killed just because I exist." Adelaide shook her head. "I just don't get it."

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It's nice out here. Serene. {ML/Zuko}
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