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 The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A

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Lord Blazy


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PostSubject: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:51 pm

        * birth certificate

          Name: Light Akerman

          Nicknames: Voldy


          Place of Birth: San Francisco, California

          Godly Parent: Hyperion, Titan of Light

          Mortal Family: Glen Akerman

          Claimed or Unclaimed: Unclaimed
* camp life

    Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year Round

    Years at Camp: 0

    Light grew up in San Francisco, so all he really knew were skyscrapers, crime, and odd happenings. The first odd happening, was when he was first born, there had been a flash of light, a man, and then nothing, but the baby had received a crescent facing downwards on his forehead that would live with him forever. Nobody in the room saw a thing, but the mother knew, but by then the babies hair had become a pure white and his eyes a stormy grey. As weird as it was, everybody loved the child and nobody looked sideways at his appearance. Before he could walk and talk, things would light up when the baby was angry, or simple small flashes of light would occur whilst the baby was asleep, but the man never came back.

    On the day of his fifth birthday, when Light had started to understand more about life and speaking better, his mother had just came into his room, before his window exploded, and a chimera's snake tail grabbed his mother by the throat and whipped her to the side as it hurled it's body into the room, over him as he screamed and cried while crawling towards Glen, who's neck was bleeding and was crying herself. In a last ditch effort, she whispered, "You're the light(Cliche)" , took his hand, and kissed it as she gave her final breath. Wide eyed and fearful, Light stood, and the crescent on his forehead glowed white and his fist glowed as well, and in a moment, he calmed down, and swung his fist at the chimera, sending a shimmering arc of light at chimera, causing it to turn to dust as he collapsed and cried, until a satyr, who had been watching him, and took him to an orphanage, not sure on what the boy was exactly, but knowing that he couldn't take him just yet. But the moment haunts the boy every day.

    As he grew up, Light got used to things occurring in his life and he began to get static towards the world and was calm about all the monsters that found him either at school or on his way home from school, as he realized that nothing was worse than what had happened years ago. His right hand became his source of power, but he never really knew WHAT the glow was, or what made him different, but he did notice that the crescent wasn't looked at weird, and that he was taken in as a good kid by everyone at school, for what reason, he didn't really know. Luckily for him, it all changed when the same satyr who had saved him years ago came to him with a bunch of other kids around the age of 15 or 16, his age, stating that he was an obvious 'demigod or demititan' and so were the other kids, but none of them had actually seen someone with his appearance, or his birthmark and glowing light power. They all had special powers of their own, and they all mentioned that he couldn't possibly be a child of a god, and they claimed him to be a demi-titan. Hyperion to be exact, but they also said that after observations, nothing has officially claimed him, and that he was growing too strong to not go to Camp Half Blood with the rest of the kids like himself.

    After moments of consideration, Light agreed to go, thought he mentioned that it would be best if he would go by himself, because bad things occurred in his presence. The satyr didn't budge, insisting that he travels with them to the Camp so that he may travel safely. Light's prediction of tragedy came to life when they made camp along the way to the Camp, and at the very moment where they all went to sleep around a fire, a crash of sound was brought to attention as many hellhounds, another chimera, and 3 empousai rushed the camp, picking off three of the 7 demigods in the encampment. Light went back to back with the others, but the monsters were too strong and killed the other three with him, as well as the satyr, and in one fearful scream, the crescent glowed and a ball of light exploded around him, destroying the remaining monsters, and leaving him in a wake of ash and dead bodies as he made his way to the camp.. Alone... More aged than he should be... And afraid. The words Welcome to Camp Halfblood loomed over him, and one tear fell from his cheek as he fell into the boundaries of camp, and woke up in the infirmary, finally home.

* the psyche


    Light, as a person, is afraid of being around people due to the fact that whoever is around him has died to the day of his arrival. He holds no positive outlook on life, and prefers to be the lone wolf rather than have a distinct group of friends. He is very laid back in his alone time, but gets edgy and aggressive with others as a self defense mechanism, using his sharp tongue and attitude to push others away. As a person, he has a kind heart, and it's very rare for others to throw themselves into his company. Light's attitude is very protective, and if he witnesses something out of place, or wrong, he'll be quick to assert himself and can be in many ways be a big brother or role model for many things. His solo-nature causes others to desert any thoughts of making friends with him. Light's static attitude about violence and fighting make him an ideal warrior, but he's often ridiculed for not wanting anybody else as teammates, he thinks of himself as a wall, shielding the others of camp who need protection, and his dream is to become invincible via the River Styx so that others may live in peace.

    Fatal Flaw:
    Is afraid of having friends and trusting those around him.
    Likes: Light loves solitary, fighting, and being able to practice
    Dislikes: Light hates making friends, teaming up with others, and those who judge him based on appearance.

      * the appearance

        Physical Description:

        Light stands at 6 feet tall, a great specimen and protector to those around him. His pure white hair is always cut to a Mako style haircut (Legend of Korra) and he rarely changes it up. His eyes appear to cut through whatever act you try to put on. Light's face is very thin, but not hollow, giving him this badass-esque look in the eyes of others. The most dominant feature of his, is the white, downward facing crescent on his forehead since birth. He has an average build, not standing out phenomenally to others but he's well set and doesn't exactly sit in a crowd of others. His hands are oddly bigger and are always obstructed by gloves to keep the 'light' inside and not to harm those around him. You can usually see his muscles underneath his clothes, and is stronger than most people because he's more used to doing things alone rather than with others. He gives off this terrifying vibe to those around him, as his body language shows he's closed and many don't ever try to join his circle or alliance.

        Dressing Style:
        Light likes to dress like Desmond from Assassins Creed, as he likes the coat, and wears a scarf around his neck and sort of skinny jeans, usually he just dresses whatever though.
      * the defensive system

        Demigod Talents:
        Light Manipulation- Can swing his scythe or a non-gloved fist to create a light ripple that can slice through creatures based on the density of the ripple. He also can create walls of light and or illusions. Light can also solidify some light particles to glide and propel himself in directions or propel things away, but performing any intense tasks wears him out easily.

        Weapons: A scythe with a 'light blade' that extends from a baton and vacuums light to create a 'physical blade' to help with his light redirection.

        Pets: N/A


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    Kol Mikaelson
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    PostSubject: Re: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   Tue Jul 29, 2014 2:23 am

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but Titan's need to be pmed to admin for acceptance, like big three characters. I see that you already meet the 500 post requirement, so just pm the application to either Faith Lehane or Lady Stark, and they will take a look at it.
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    Lord Blazy


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    PostSubject: Re: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:07 am

    Lady Stark has accepted Light Akerman, may the age of Light begin. >:D
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    Lord Blazy


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    PostSubject: Re: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:04 am

    you can only go so far


    "Ezra Newt."
    Ezra Newt Young

    "You can just call me Ez I guess."
    He goes by Ez or Ezra, Newt if it's his twin brother.

    "I'm a guy."

    "Well I don't have any but animals like me"
    No pets currently for Ezra

    "16... Like Cas."
    August 24th is Ezra's birthday

    Godly Parent:
    "My dad's Krios."
    Krios - Titan of Stars and Constellations and Lord of the South

    "Of course"

    Years at Camp:
    "You would have to ask Cas."
    Three years running

    Mortal Family:
    "Oh.. I have tons"
    Anna Young (mother)
    Michael Young (older brother)
    Hael Young (older sister)
    Casimir James Young (Twin Brother)
    Tessa Young (younger sister)
    Zachariah Young (younger brother)

    Brief History:
    "My history isn't really all that amazing."
    Ezra Newt Young was born in August to the mother of 2 older children, Anna Young. Technically, Ezra shared the 3rd oldest spot with Casimir, his twin brother, and after a while, 2 more children. Like Casimir, Ezra grew up happy and content with what they had, due to his father not sticking around before he and Cas' birth. He never really grew close to others besides Cas, because Hael and Michael were born to the same father. Ezra's dad, was the mighty Krios, who was currently under the name of James Wesson when their mother was having an affair with him, but he disappeared the next morning. Ezra never thought too hard on what happened with his mother and Krios, but often thought of how different life could have been with an actual father. When Tessa and Zach were born, Ezra noticed a shift in his mothers attention to the point where Cas was often found alone, so he naturally was the one to spend time with him. Yet over time, Ezra was pushed away by Cas, and began seeing himself as the more cheerful twin, always optimistic despite the way his twin was.

    As Ezra and Cas grew up, their personalities took a hard split in which Cas grew more gloomy and sad, while Ezra became upbeat and optimistic about the years to come. Ezra made plenty of friends around the age of 13, casually becoming the center of attention for his grade, but on the inside he felt hurt towards how his twin was treated, masking it with happiness. Once Casimir stopped hiding the bruises and welts that their eldest brother gave him, Ezra's genuine happiness became a mask hiding his hatred towards his older siblings, turning Ez into a spiteful person. As the injuries to his brother grew, so did his hatred, and the more hatred he contained, the more he tried to mask it and he became a protective brother, trying to help Cas without having an effect on his life, and in doing so, found himself learning mixed martial arts in his free time, more hand to hand fighting so he could protect Cas. His training, however, came in more handy the following months after Casimir was being treated wrongly, when they were walking home and got attacked by a group of monsters, starting his life as a demigod.

    Ezra had became more protective, and often found himself following Casimir home as he walked with his only friend, Sophia, and more and more he had steeled himself in his alone time and more so wanted his brother to be safe. One day however, his brother seemed exceptionally happy compared to how he had been acting, and seemed nervous at the same time. Right when it looked likeCas was going to do something, a dracaena jumped out of the bushes and looked to attack Casimir, so Ezra's protective nature was put into drive. He was too late, however, and by the time he'd gotten the resolve to help, events had already unfolded, and the dracaena was fleeing as Cas bent over his lifeless friend. Without thinking about anything anymore, Ezra took off at a sprint after the dracaena and, after following an ooze like substance, stumbled across the creature and unleashed his full hatred on the retched beast, pounding it into the pavement to no end, he continued to beat into the thing, and still pounded the dust it left behind with bloody knuckles and eventually stopped, bending over and stifling his tears before going back to where his brother was, dust and blood dripping off of his hands as they left their hometown of Denver Colorado to start their journey that would eventually lead them to Camp Half-Blood.

    When they got to Camp Half-Blood, Ezra found that he and Cas had some things in common, and others were purely to one child. Ezra learned that he could learn languages quicker and take to them, while Cas got power over constellations. They both took to fighting, Ezra being better from the training to protect Cas before the attack, and they both were claimed while Ez was trying to bond with Cas when watching constellations one day, something only his brother would want to do.

    Physical Appearance:
    "You can say I'm fit, I guess"
    Ezra looks like Cas in a lot more ways than people would think, only minor details setting the boys apart from one another. Ezra's eyes are a bit of a dull blue, while his brother's are brighter and shine more, something Ez had always been jealous of. Ez's hair is something he takes pride in, something stylish, but not 'pretty boy esque', always short, and well groomed, unlike his twin's messy aspect, but Ezra's is more of a dirty blonde than the dark brown his family is more known for. He goes by a motto that you never know who you'll end up meeting, and his hair takes him one step further. His skin is fair, not too pale, and not remotely dark, enough to bring out a rosy color in his cheeks, and the skin on his body is actually rather unblemished due to Cas taking the beatings from their brother, aside from the skin on Ezra's knuckles that never quite healed. Over time, his skin gets darker, and then paled slightly from the times he spent with his 'friends' being the more social twin, but since the 'dark times' it's gotten quite paler. Unlike Cas, Ezra's body became well built and he stands at a tall 6' 3" with finely toned muscles due to his time in martial arts and working out to protect his brother. Ez does however, have a slight sensitivity in his knuckles and hands from the dracaena incident, choosing to wear finger-less gloves wherever he goes.

    "Can I just leave this blank, aha."
    Ezra's personality is complex, sharing some traits with Krios and his twin, and others having developed after time and time of watching Casimir being treated horribly. At first glance, Ezra's person seems to be abundant with happiness and he often can make others cheer up in record time, except of course, Cas, who's personality split off from Ezra's. He seems cheery, and he seems like he just wants to make friends, and rise higher on the social ladder, but all that's an act. On the inside, Ezra is a spiteful, and very aggressive person, reserving this side for those who harm Cas, and those who earn themselves an episode of Angry Ez. He's very outspoken however, and can sound cheery and optimistic, while hiding his true, often sadistic goals  in his words and actions. Most never catch on to Ezra's true nature, and those who do are found distancing themselves from the 'nice Ezra' that everyone else sees. He thinks of himself as a strong individual, which gets him in trouble more than it helps himself, because that's more what Cas does, and Ez is stronger with other people. Ez is willing to cooperate with others, cringing at the thought, and is only never reluctant to help Casimir and protect him, something he grew into around the age of 12 or 13, around the time he took on MMA. Ezra often thinks through everything he does, calculating options he is given and the paths that they lead, causing him to steel himself in the face of danger, and distance himself from even more people. He's naturally drawn to other people, something that he himself hates, and often ridicules in his free time, but is a very like-able person in the way he handles problems and his sole objective in life is to make sure nobody can hurt his twin brother ever again.

    Fatal Flaw:
    "What's a flaw? I don't have a flaw."
    Ezra thinks he is stronger as an individual, or with Cas, and he finds himself asking others for help, despite that, and locks up upon failing what it is he sets out to do, going into a state of masked depression. He also tends to mask his true feelings, and in the end hurt himself.

    "Ehhhh I can't really do THAT much"
    Titanic Energy
    Ezra can use titanic energy, like Krios and Cas, to push things around 30-40 feet as long as they are around 4 feet in width and height. Overexerting himself passed that can lead to him physically shutting down and going into a sleep like state for around a week. He uses this titanic energy however, when fighting, to put power behind his punches. Too much of this energy drains Ezra and he becomes weaker if this power is not paid close attention to. He also has a 'punch-timer' where he can use titanic energy with his close combat for only 10 punches before it goes dry.

    Ez, when fighting or in danger, can create a mini star that blinks on impact when he punches something, often blinding his opponent momentarily, or in some cases he can use them to escape sticky situations, the stars he "creates" are only around five inches tall by 3 inches wide, great for masking.

    Tongue of the Old Times Fluency
    Ezra is able to understand and speak the language of the titans like his father before him

    "Oh you're gonna love this"
    Ezra's pride and most loved possession's are his celestial bronze gauntlets that hang at his belt loop in the form of a mini boxing glove keychain. These gloves are painted black and white with red spikes on each knuckle, giving them a more menacing look, and also adding more bite.

    Year-Round or Summer:
    "Whatever Cas is doing"

    Ezra's faceclaim is Nicholas Hoult. Casimir is played by Crowley
    coded by sapphire
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    Lord Blazy


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    PostSubject: Re: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:19 am

    Name: Ichigo Ragnar Sullivan

    Age/Birthday:17, December 24th


    God Parent: Son of Zeus

    Claimed; Oh yes.

    Mortal Family: Jessica Sullivan.

    Years in Camp:2, this is his 3rd

    Brief History:

    Ages 1-4

    Ichigo grew up with his sister Amanda, both children of Zeus, without a care in the world. But they both were, as said, Zeus blood. So they had to be hidden away, where they couldn't be found. When he was three, Ichigo caused a power out due to his rapid crying. But his mom simply blamed it on the electrician. But nobody REALLY knew that the kids were Demigods. Nobody knew, their mom knew. But they never found out. Of course, who would try to find out in the first place? When they turned four, they were sent off to different schools. Schools that you stayed at ALL YEAR LONG. Well, that's where Ichigo went. And so his story begins.

    Ages 5-8

    Ichigo went to some school, where there were no gates, the kids were nice, and for some reason, the people stayed away from him. They were nice to everybody else. But Ichigo was treated like an outcast, of course, he was the Son of Zeus, but again, who knew that? Not even him. When he was six, he made friends with another boy, asian, like him. Who seemed to walk funny, and protected him. Ichigo thought of him as an older brother. So he stayed with him. When he was eight, he completely was lovable and likeable by most, even some girls, (playaaa)and then reality hit him when things started to happen. Which he never paid attention to when until he was 12.

    Ages 12-15

    When Ichigo was 12, his teacher turned into a snake woman. Scaring him, and he screamed, causing the snake lady to become destroyed in a flurry of electricity. His brown eyes turned sky blue for a while and his brown hair went blonde. But only when mad. He thought it was a daydream so he didn't pay any attention to it. At age 13, his best friend had become skittish. Always being absent, kids began to bully Ichigo. Everyday, always asking him for his money and shoving him into walls. He put up with it until he was 15. When he promptly punched a kid square in the jaw, mind you, they were on a trip to the grand canyon. A group of kids shoved him, sending him toppling over the edge of the cliff. In anger, fear, and depression, Ichigo screamed, and his eyes and hair did as before, but this time, he slid to a stop and shot straight up, the air a slipstream made by him. When he landed, thunder rumbled and his best friend revealed himself to be a Satyr. Ichigo couldn’t handle it and ended up running away. He couldn’t stand the fact that every which way he went, monsters showed up. He eventually developed a certain battle personality. Where his features change and he acts differently. This second personality seemed to be on permanently and eventually led him to Camp Half Blood, where he has been for one year.

    Physical Appearance:

    Ichigo has curlish yet straight hair down to his shoulders, it's brown when he's calm, but he has a split fighting personality, and his hair turns a dirty blonde color. His eyes are a brownish black and also turn blue in his split personality. He is well built and has little to no blemishes. He is 6 foot 2 and has long fingers, as well as a long reach. He is around 160 pounds of pure muscle and energy. He is always wearing what seems to be wearing matallic jeans and a shirt lined with metal as well, to give him an 'electric' feel to it. He always seems to have a wind stirring around him, part of the Zeus thing. He has several scars along his arms and hands, from his time running away and time at camp. He is in great shape. And after spending some time around Zan, the cabin leader, he developed a style like hers. He can somewhat control his eye color. And it changes with the weather most of the time, but in battle, he prefers his other personality. He has the body of a marathon runner and due to his metal lined outfits, he has developed a sort of weightless feel to himself. He also has a tribal dragon tattoo going from his left shoulder, around his neck, and to his right pec , he got this when he was 15.


    Ichigo is a bit of a head biter, meaning he will snap on you regardless of who you are, but at the same time, if you’re of importance, he won’t do it. When in his regular form, and not his split personality Ragnar. But that’s for another sentence. Ichigo doesn’t really rely on others to make him happy, and would rather supply entertainment for himself with his powers, which he has great control over. He is sympathetic to girls sometimes and is a flirt if he’s in the right mood. His temper, when flared, might cause Ragnar to show up or he will just destroy things. He doesn’t show anybody who he ACTUALLY is, only his sister Amand, who knows too much about him. He most of the time, has earbuds in and is blasting either Techno, Dubstep, or Eminem. The music changes his attitude, if he listens to Techno, he is rather bouncy and happy, and his fighting style turns more of a fluid, yet random flurry of attacks. When it’s dubstep, his attacks are well planned and constructed, the attacks are head on, and have power behind them. If it’s Eminem, his attacks are winged and used with experience, all light attacks that put on damage after a while. It makes his moves come out of nowhere. One second he’s one place, and another he is in your face, giving you little to no time to parry or block.

    Fatal Flaw: He is too power hungry and he always seems set on a position higher than his, causing him to do things he wouldn’t normally do. He is also very destructive when angered.

    Pet:A phoenix that is as big as him named Hrothgar. Who can spit flames every now and then. Hrothgar is very strong and fast. Can pick up some objects and/or people

    Talents: He can absorb electricity from most sources of electricity, mostly outlets or batteries, like that game Infamous. But too much overloads him and he passes out for a week. He can use electricity to charge his arrows and his sword, making them SHOCKINGLY painful.He can also shift air currents. Gliding, but not flying. Making a wall of air sometimes. When in grave danger, he can use the air to shoot him off. He is skilled with a blade, and a bow. His arrows seem to have a charge in the tip that is able to be electrified. He can make shapes of electricity to be lobbed or shot at an enemy, most in the shape of balls of varying size.

    Weapons: He has all of his weapons in the form of rings, each that have the name of the weapon on the front. One ring turns into a black and red bow, compact, but it pacts one hell of a punch. Another ring contains celestial bronze arrows. 30 of them, which he fetches when they are shot. The last one contains his best weapon, a modified desert eagle, which is modified to shoot balls of electricity, that only either explode on contact or zap his enemies, depending on the concentration of it, which he usually make small pellets with a higher concentration so that they are surprising. He also has a ring that transforms into a celestial bronze sword, 2 and a half feet long, painted gold and yellow. There are two lines on both sides of the blades, made to charge with electricity

    Year-Round or Summer: Year Round

    Other: He’s more of a ladiesman, also, most of his powers make him fatigued, and absorbing electricity keeps him from getting fatigued, or stops his fatigue.
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    Lord Blazy


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    PostSubject: Re: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:19 am

    (Just reactivating him because he went missing in my abundance of life, Carry on)
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    PostSubject: Re: The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A   

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    The Return of Blaze (Blazy's Characters) R. F. A
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