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 These Characters are Burnt

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PostSubject: These Characters are Burnt   Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:30 am

And so our tale begins...

Emma Hynes
The True Queen

Name: Emma Hynes
Age & Birthday: Fourteen // February Fourteenth
Gender: Female
God Parent: Aphrodite // Claimed
Mortal Family: Jeremy Hynes [Father, forty-three]
Years in Camp: Three

Brief History:

             Once upon a time there was an attractive drunk who happened to get lucky with none other than the goddess of love. Not even remembering it the next day, the drunk was very surprised to find a baby on his front porch sometime in the future. He considered giving it up for adoption, but decided against it. He would be the one to raise this child—or so he thought. Her name was...
             Emma had been with her father up until the age of eleven. He had always been an alcoholic, even more so before Emma was born than he was afterwards. Unsuccessful attempts to sober up just made him an even worse single parent than before. Life for Emma was not easy—that much was certain, though she certainly had it less rough compared to most of the other demigods she had met at camp.
             At the age of eleven Emma was found by a Satyr and taken away from where she grew up in California and out to New York to go to Camp Halfblood. This is where Emma has resided ever since. She was claimed the first night she had gotten to camp and was visibly shocked that she of all people belonged to Aphrodite.

Physical Appearance:

             One of the first things people notice when looking upon Emma is her thick red hair that comes down in neat curls at the end when she actually bothers to keep it orderly. Her skin is a light honey-wheat color, which suggests that she is out in the sun enough throughout the day to allow her to have a slight tan. The square face that belongs to that of Emma would not be as apparent if not for the teenager’s jutting cheekbones and a jaw-line that could chisel granite.
             Her sea green eyes seem to sparkle wherever she goes, though are often masked by an overabundance of makeup when the girl tries too hard to impress those around her. Long eyelashes and dainty hands are just more details that could be used to describe Emma’s girly appearance. Even though she would never admit to her feminine looks, they are easily noticeable by anyone who is able to get even just a quick glance at her.
             Standing at 5’5”, this camper is slightly taller than the average fourteen-year-old female, though not by much. Trying not to stray from what an Aphrodite child is known for, Emma tries her best to wear “what is in,” and all of the “girly” clothing out there—as if she is afraid that she will be singled out if she doesn’t. Emma has never wanted to stand out, for even if others may think she is beautiful she does not see it herself.


             Ever since she was little all Emma ever wanted to do was fit in. She tried so hard to be like everyone else, and she was always jealous of how other girls looked in school. Even at the simple age of ten this was an apparent problem, though with her father wasting all of his money on alcohol he couldn’t provide all of the luxuries to Emma that all the girls from her Elementary School were provided, making her extremely envious of the fact that they had so much more than her.
             Emma was never spoiled. It wasn’t about how cute she looked in an outfit or how her shirt matched her shoes—it was just about fitting in. That had never changed, but as Emma grew older it became more and more apparent that this girl was extremely shy and wasn’t comfortable with voicing her own thoughts even in the most dire of situations. However, at the end of the day Emma is still a loving and caring person who will do what she can to help anyone in need.
             Even at Camp Halfblood she did what she was told and never bothered to think twice about it. She finds many of the other girls in her cabin intimidating and much more attractive than she ever believed she was. It was basically like elementary school all over for her again—except this time they were all children of gods. Great.

Fatal Flaw: Lack of Confidence; Let’s people push her around
Pets: None.
Talents: Shooting a bow has always been one of Emma’s strong suits. She is also good at remaining unnoticed and getting on people’s good sides.
Weapons: Preferably a bow and arrow, though a dagger in close range. Emma has never been a fan of sword-to-sword combat though will do that if she must.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: N/A
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a. hams
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PostSubject: Re: These Characters are Burnt   Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:45 am

Emma Hynes is accepted!
Happy Roleplaying!
Don't forget to sign up in your cabin. Nice first character.

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These Characters are Burnt
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