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 They're gone, I'm the only one(ml)

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PostSubject: They're gone, I'm the only one(ml)   Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:44 pm

Sarah Bane ~ daughter of East River
if i ever start to think straight
this heart will start a riot in me

Sarah opened her eyes and the bright sun hit her face. She wasn't in a cabin or anything, she was on the ground. She looked on her right and saw a river. She looked around seeing she wasn't at camp she was by a river. She stood up dusting off the dirt from her clothes. She finally remembered that she ran once she heard that Colin had died. She felt dirty and she really didn't have time to walk back to camp. She started to walk in the river and she started to swim a bit. She finally got out and sat down on some grass.

She then heard something behind her. She looked back and stood up. "Who's there?" she asked scared. Sarah hated scary things. She put her hand up like she was going to fight even though she is scared to fight. She backed up and felt someone behind her. She scream and jumped him turning around. She looked seeing a man, who was he?

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They're gone, I'm the only one(ml)
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