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 The Last Fire Knights Characters

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The Last Fire Knight


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PostSubject: The Last Fire Knights Characters    Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:45 pm

This is my first character I've posted on this site. Let me know how it looks and if I need to change anything.

Name: Drake He goes by the last name of Gabriel which in its form of Greek is Gabreilus meaning "warrior of god"

Age/Birthday: 16 years old and born on February 11

Gender: Male

God Parent: Ares

Claimed: No

Mortal Family: His mothers name was Beth, though he never knew this.

Years in Camp: This is his 1st year in camp

Brief History: Drake never knew his parents as a boy. He lived in an orphanage before jumping from foster home to foster home. He never found the family relationship he desperately craved. Even when it seemed he had weird things seemed to happen forcing the family to kick him out. Finally having enough Drake ran away at the young age of 15. He lived  that year doing everything needed to survive. He learned that the streets were his home and he quickly became accustomed to the tough guy act. That is not to say weird things stopped happening to him, but he passed it off as bad luck or his imagination. Recently though, he saw a man following and he head into an alley hoping to run off. But he realized his mistake when he was cornered in the back of the alley by the mysterious tall man in a trench coat. Having nowhere to run and knowing this man wasn't going to let him leave he grabbed the nearest objects which was a pipe and a metal trashcan lid. He was able to get minimum injures and escape, but what he saw under the mans hat forever haunts him. He thought it was his imagination, but he knew what he saw. It was a man with one eye. He was soon approached by a kid a little younger than he was and was talked into following the kid. He discussed something about gods, monsters, and some kind of camp or something, but Drake soon started to tune him out. In truth he didn't believe a single thing he did hear, but  he had nowhere else to stay and it was almost his birthday. It would be good to have a least some human contact, even if they were crazy. They made it to Half Blood hill on his birthday and he is trying to adjust

Physical Appearance: Drakes is muscular for his age, but not to much to be bulky or humanoid. He is a 5'11 with red eyes that change in shade with his mood. He has pitch black hair with tan skin to match. He is very self conscious about the injures he sustained from his battle. He has a giant scar on his back running across from his left shoulder to his right hip. With another three claw marks running straight down from his chest to the bottom of his stomach.

Personality: He acts the tough guy role. He acts cold, uncaring and down right rude to those he does not know, like, or trust. But he is soft and caring to those he trusts or like. He is very self-conscious about himself and hates to be made a fool of. He is still stubborn no matter what, but he easily thinks if someone is kind to him then that makes them a friend. He is gullible and trusts many people, but he can have a hot temper.

Fatal Flaw: He is loyal to a fault and will follow those who he believes are his friends to the darkest path if he must.

Pets: He has yet to find his pet but he one day wishes to have a pet wolf.

Talents: Even though he just got his weapon, he is a master with it already. But just because he masters it doesn't mean he is the best swords them. He is just naturally gifted with weapons. His physical strength is also immensely strong for his age and size.

Weapons: He has a special weapon he finds by "accident" in the camp tool shed. Its a dagger with the hilt of a dragons head with two different ruby eyes, one black and one red. This special dagger is the ultimate weapon, to him that is. He morphs to match the weapon he request at the time. He realized it must only be able to turn into two separate weapons. He carries it the form of two daggers holding it with a pouch that is strapped to his waist. Though he prefers to fight with it as a sword he only uses both at the same time in emergencies and prefers not to merge them often.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Fire Knights Characters    Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:42 pm

drake gabriel
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The Last Fire Knight


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PostSubject: Re: The Last Fire Knights Characters    Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Last Fire Knights Characters    

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The Last Fire Knights Characters
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