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 let's have an adventure [private--quest]

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PostSubject: let's have an adventure [private--quest]   Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:31 pm

Daisy woke up early for the quest. She didn't want to be late. That would be the worst thing to do. And Daisy wanted to make a good impression on her quest mates. She had never met them before, or heard of them before. She didn't care though. More friends and more people to meet. There was one problem though. She was nervous that one of them would be mean. Or unlikeable. She tried to push the bad thoughts down and started to get ready.

Daisy had gotten dressed in a few minutes after taking a shower. She didn't know when the next time she would be able to take a shower. She had heard a few stories of some people's quests and it sounded so difficult. She knew some parts would be hard, but monsters had come and they ran out of money etc. She didn't want any of those things to happen on her quest. She knew they would though, but again she pushed her bad thoughts down.

Daisy quickly ran a brush through her hair before going to eat breakfast. She was too excited to eat. She did pack some food just in case like crackers, water bottles, Gatorade, cookies, bread etc. She didn't pack a lot, at least to her she did. She did eat a muffin and drink a cup of coffee before going back to her cabin to pack the rest of her bags. She had packed clothes, matches, her bow and arrow, extra weapons just in case, ambrosia, and nectar. She also did pack a first aid kit just in case. She was so nervous. She wanted to pack everything so she wouldn't forget anything. She hadn't gone on a trip on a long time. Would she get carsick? Or plane sick? She wasn't sure what they were taking and she couldn't remember if she would get sick. She hadn't traveled in a while to anywhere.

Daisy finished packing and started walking from her cabin to Half Blood Hill. It was a nice day today and some people were outside already. Daisy waited at the top of the hill for the rest of her quest mates. She didn't know how she would find them considering she didn't know what they looked like. But they'd find her since she had practically bought a duffel bag with her. She started to bite her nails as she waited for the rest of them. She was starting to get anxious even though she had only been waiting a few minutes. Was she too late? Had they left without her? Daisy started to panic and grabbed her bag. She was about to start walking toward her cabin when she saw someone coming up the hill.


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PostSubject: Re: let's have an adventure [private--quest]   Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:29 pm

Andrew Taylor Ryland
Son of Hemera

It did not pain Andrew to leave his girlfriend to struggle with her bags at the bottom of the hill.
He had woken up early, and despite being a morning person, the anxiety of the impending quest had gotten to him. He’d been packed for a few days, ever since Chiron had deciphered who was to join the quest, with his usual essentials, modified to fit the needs of the quest, but he kept running over the list in his head. He had them memorized- a sleeping bag, extra clothes, toiletries, nectar and ambrosia, water bottle, water purification tablets, head-mounted light, matches, a map, and an extra Celestial Bronze dagger. It all fit into his weathered hiking backpack, with the exception of the dagger, which was tucked into his industrial plastic boots. With his entire ensemble, including dark, loose fitting clothes and his father’s leather jacket, he looked more than prepared for what was to come.
The same could not be said for Kitty.
He came to the Hermes cabin to pick her up to get breakfast before heading to Half-Blood Hill, only to find her half packed, but with a number of bags. He helped her of course, but he couldn’t help the small twinge of annoyance sprouting from his anxiety. Within a few minutes, he helped her cut the myriad of packs down to two, both of which were still considerably stuffed. After a quick breakfast, he had attempted to help her with her things, but met a stubborn defense of No, I can do it myself, thank you very much.
So she was left at the foot of the hill.
Andrew reached the top in a quick pace, and met his new questing mate with a friendly grace. With a charming smile and an offered hand he greeted her. "Hello there, I'm Andrew. I apologize for the tardiness, but my girlfriend, Kitty, is a bit... Hard-headed. She'll be up in a moment or so."

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PostSubject: Re: let's have an adventure [private--quest]   Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:01 pm

kitty de brùn

i am titanium.

It pained Kitty to struggle at the bottom of the hill with her bags.
Admittedly, she'd been reluctant to get out of bed the morning of the quest. She was tired, goddammit. Or was it godsdammit? It didn't matter-- she was absolutely wrecked when her alarm clock finally buzzed. For a few moments, she'd attempted halfheartedly to remain under the warm bed covers and ignore the annoying sound emanating from the bedside table, but, well... it was more than a little difficult. And, after those few moments, she'd wasted no time at all in pushing it right out of it's place- and onto the ground, where it promptly shut up. She hadn't been entirely sure if it had actually just stopped, or if she'd broken it, but she didn't waste any time in checking.
She had more important things to do. The night before, she was supposed to have been packing... but, whoops, she hadn't. Ignoring her rumbling stomach, Kitty had gotten stuck in packing her various bags, and when Andrew arrived at the door of her room she was sat on top of her stuffed suitcase trying to push the lid closed so she could zip it up. Despite her various protests, she allowed him help her, and she even allowed him convince her to cut down the amount of bags she was bringing. By the time the clock stuck ten and they were half an hour away from meeting their quest-mate, Kitty had one backpack, a suitcase (both stuffed), and she was just slipping on her jacket to leave her room.
Stomach still rumbling.
Now, it was mainly how hungry and tired she felt that made her as antsy as she was around Andrew that morning. She liked to wake up herself, without aid of an alarm clock. She liked to go eat food, and then she liked to have a cold shower to wake herself up with. Unfortunately, because of this quest (and her lack of packing knowledge), she hadn't been able to do that. When Andrew asked to help with her things, he'd been met with a steely nope. Sometimes, she was just way too stubborn.
Left in the dust, Kitty struggled slowly up the hill, slipping every so often as she tried to pull the suitcase steadily behind her. The backpack definitely wasn't helping- a strong gust of wind almost sent her toppling backwards. But she managed... eventually. A few moments must have passed by the time she did get up there, however, because Andrew had clearly just said something. Pulling the heavy (and large) case up beside him, she leant against it as she sized up the other demigod. Glancing up at Andrew, she spoke in a hushed whisper. "She doesn't look like much, does she? I bet if I poked her shoulder she'd fall right over." She turned back to the blonde, a half-smile on her lips. Kitty didn't extend her hand- mainly because she was trying to keep her bag balanced- but she did make the effort to sound friendly as she spoke in a more normal tone. "I'm Kitty."

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PostSubject: Re: let's have an adventure [private--quest]   Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:22 pm

Christopher Martin
Christopher sighs as he wanders around camp, not sure what he is doing. Lately he has just been so stinking bored, with David busy with being a cabin leader, he has had no one to spend time with. That is why, he has started to find quiet places to sit and thinking, maybe even read. Walking up the hill, he has a book tucked under his arm. Reaching the top of the hill, Christopher sits down under a tree and rests his back up against it. He opens his book, and begins to read.

After a few hours, Christopher is made aware of his surroundings, by a group of people chatting. Closing his book, he tucks it under his arm and stands up. Careful to not draw much attention to his self, he attempts to listen in on their conversation, but has no real luck. So he decides to move closer to learn more about what they are doing, as it appears they are going away. Stepping closer, Chris is unable to hear what they are saying.

When he is close enough to hear them, he steps on a stick which makes a loud crack. Swearing, he looks around and notices the rv. Quickly he darts up the steps, and hides himself in the bedroom. He'll just stay a few minutes, until the coast is clear, then he'll escape with out them noticing him. He's not sure why, but he really did not want them to notice that he was trying to listen in. Their conversation seemed important, and it felt wrong to eavesdrop.

Letting out a sigh, Chris slowly sinks to the floor, and sits with his back resting against the wall. Still utterly bored, he opens his book and begins to read, one more forgetting about his surroundings.

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PostSubject: Re: let's have an adventure [private--quest]   Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:44 pm

Daisy noticed the boy as he started walking up the hill. That's all he was bringing? It didn't seem like much too her. Maybe she just brought extra stuff? She started clenching and unclenching the handle to her duffel bag nervously. What if she brought more then she could carry. What if they were going to walk a few miles and she couldn't handle it? Questions just seemed to spin throughout her head. It was starting to make her dizzy. She wasn't going back just to take some things out. It was too late already.

Daisy smiled at the boy. He seemed nice. She was starting to like him already. He looked about her age which she was glad because she didn't want to deal with an annoying child. She shook his hand after she put her bag down. "I'm Daisy, daughter of Demeter." She responded with yet another one of her bright smiles. She watched as a girl came up with lots of bags. She heard the girl whisper to her boyfriend, but Daisy didn't care. She just stood there awkwardly looking at the sky pretending she didn't notice. When she introduced herself, she finally looked down at her.  She surely was pretty, but she had never heard the name Kitty before. Perhaps a nickname? "I'm Daisy." She repeated. She noticed her struggling with her bags. "Do you need any help?" She asked, before remembering that Andrew said she was hard-headed. All well. At least she was being nice.

Daisy was wondering what they were taking on their quest. A car or a plane? It didn't matter to her, she was fine in either. She was just curious. She looked around the camp parking lot and found a big rv. She didn't have to be worried about carrying things she couldn't handle. She looked back at Andrew and Kitty. "Are you guys ready to go?" She asked with a smile. She was excited for the quest. She just wanted to get started already. She was also nervous about the rv. She hoped it was in good condition otherwise it would break down. She heard a branch crack nearby and looked in the direction of the sound. There wasn't anyone or anything there. She shrugged to herself and look back at the couple for their answer.


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PostSubject: Re: let's have an adventure [private--quest]   

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let's have an adventure [private--quest]
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