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 But something 'bout this feels like home [Maeve]

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PostSubject: But something 'bout this feels like home [Maeve]   Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:58 pm

Livia Malcolm
Livia had been in the library for around 30 minutes. She wasn't looking for anything in particular, just breathing in the familiar scent of books. It smelled a little like the Athena cabin, but less like her siblings and bad memories and more like books - like newly printed paper and that weird plastic smell of the bean bags scattered around the library.

Livia found herself in the nonfiction section, where a table was set up. And coincidentally there was her brother, Quell. That was a first Livia could almost never find Quell. He was always disappearing. Livia walked silently towards the table Quell was bent over a book at. "Hello Livia." Quell said, not looking up from his book. He seemed grossly uninterested in her, which disappointed Liv quite a bit. These days, he was always uninterested in her. They used to never come across each other, but when they did, they would actually spend time together. Livia gave an aggravated glare towards her brother before sitting at the table next to him.

"Chips?" She offered, knowing well that food wasn't allowed in the library. Quell said nothing but took some nevertheless. Livia figured Quell wasn't going to give her any attention, so she turned her gaze to the books in front of her.

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PostSubject: Re: But something 'bout this feels like home [Maeve]   Mon Jun 30, 2014 9:23 pm

Finnegan Hayes
Finnegan wanders through camp, not really sure where he is going, although his feet seem to be leading him towards the library. Lately he has been living life in a daze, just going through the motions without putting much emotion or effort into them. It's just been different, since he found out about Oliver. He has a twin, a twin that he never knew about until a few weeks ago. It's very shocking to find out that you've had a twin your whole life, and that your father intentionally separated the two of you.

Sighing, Finnegan looks up and realizes that he is nearing the library. Oh well, he could use some new books. As he prepares to enter the library, he is startled by someone gently pushing him forward. Turning around his eyes land on someone identical to him, except they are smirking while he's still trying to get over the shock. "What the hell Oliver?"Finnegan asks shaking his head. He then turns around and walks into the library, "That's not cool asshole"he says, paying no attention to the other people. When he hears Oliver's comment he takes a swing at his brother. He then goes off to find a book.  

Oliver Hayes
Grinning widely, Oliver slowly follows after his brother, waiting for an opportunity to scare him. Lately, Oliver has found himself taking every chance he's gotten to mess with his brother. Most people would be excited to learn they have a twin, but not Oliver. In fact, he's sort of mad. Who wouldn't? His brother got the good life, he got to live with their dad and got everything he wanted, while Oliver was sent to live with a uncle who didn't give a shit about him. It's enough to make anyone jealous.

Seeing the perfect chance, Oliver jumps out and gently pushes Finnegan forward, as he yells "Boo". He then laughs as he watches the startled look on the boy's face. Smirking, he follows him into the library. "Come on, it was funny Finny"he says with a laugh. He then looks around and notices the boy and girl, their half siblings actually. Laughing Oliver sits on top of a table, "Look at that a library full of Athena kids, must be a family reunion"he says. Oliver then ducks as his brother takes a swing at him, "Hit me, and I punch you in the face Finnegan"he says glaring at his brother.

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But something 'bout this feels like home [Maeve]
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