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 RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters

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PostSubject: RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters   Sat Jun 21, 2014 2:39 am

Name: Ruby Dia Beatrice Joan 
Age/Birthday: 14 years of age||BirthDay: M/November D/13 Y/2000
Gender: Female
God Parent: Ares
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: First and Last Name/s Sadie Tris Joan
Years in Camp: 1
Brief History: Ruby's mother was, lets put it this way. A drug-addict, once a former veteran in war, all the violence made her something she wasn't. Sadie and her daughter don't have an formal relationship, they don't interact normally like mother and daughter should. Ruby is brutally abused by her step-father in the early ages, {4-10 years of age}. She also has a twin sister named Dianna ruby and her sister run away at the age of 11 after receiving yet another brutal beating from her step-dad. Later on after both girls reach the age of 13, the monsters begin to appear, Ruby survives, but her sister Dianna isn't so lucky. From Ruby's point of view, she blames herself for Dianna's death.

Physical Appearance: Ruby is about 5ft. 4 not very tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in strength, she is very well-built. Her short hair goes down to the brink of her shoulder, just BARELY reaching. Like her other siblings {Most of them at least}. She isn't very pretty, and is rather distorted, her features covered with a few scars, like for example one across her nose, and one above her left-eye. Ruby prefers to wear a bandana, which covers a nasty scar which distorts the shape and curve of her mouth, and lips. she wears a black punkish-looking belt, NO makeup, NO jewelry besides a locket, which she REFUSES to talk about, camouflage jeans, and combat-boots which go up to her ankles, also a spike bracelet that she wears on her LEFT arm.
Personality: Her personality is a work of art, personally painted by the demons of HELL.
She isn't very social and prefers to keep to herself, not surprising since her past is rather tragic. Ruby is a classic trouble-maker, LOVES stirring up stuff, and starting fights. She has MAJOR anger issues, and isn't afraid to speaking her mind. If she has a problem, she'll let you know. She acts all Badass, and tough but on the inside she's broken and corrupted from her past.
Fatal Flaw: WAY too quick to anger, she sets off like a bomb, and tends to blow up in peoples faces.
Pets: If allowed, I would like her to have 2 dogs. A Tibetan Mastiff: and a German Shepherd:
Talents: A gifted fighter, she can throw knives from the distance of about 40 yards.
Weapons: A golden-spear. {Unlike Clarisse's it doesn't summon lighting, but it's enchanted to NEVER miss it's target if you allow that of course..if not it's just a regular spear.} A serrated sword, and a simple throwing knife.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round.
Other: She's very attached to her birth-right father, and would do almost ANYTHING to please him. Wither it meant killing, stealing,lying. It's like a 2nd chance to her. I won't explain the bond between her and Ares, until later on. I don't want to ruin her ENTIRE plot.

**ALSO** -Unrelated to this post but..- I apologize to some of the admin, Lol. I didn't read the rules properly and 'attempted' to RP before I got this character approved. Lucky for me, one of the admin informed me of this. {Thankyou by the way}
I fixed it. I really do hope I didn't make ANYMORE mistakes.

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Re: RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters   Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:12 pm

Great first character! Have fun roleplaying :)

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters   Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:21 pm

Thankyou So much :D!  dance
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PostSubject: Re: RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters   Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:27 am

Name: Aricia Ekdikissi // Ari for short   [Aricia- Meaning 'Blood'  Ekdikissi- Meaning 'Vengeance' ]
Age/Birthday: 12 years of age||Birthday||M/February/D/13/Y/2002
Gender: Female
God Parent: Nemesis [Goddess of Revenge]
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:First and Last Name/s: Vince Detri Streight
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Aricia spent half of her life in her room. Her father didn't want any children and practically disowned her at birth. He was always drunk, every time she'd attempt to get close to her father he'd give her a good smacking and send Aricia back to her room. Naturally she blamed her mother for her misfortune. Finally at the age of 10 she began experiencing the monster attacks. Crying out to the only adult she knew, he sent her away with a bag of clothing and a raggedy old map that was suppose to lead her to safety. After months of searching and several brutal monster attacks she reached Camp HalfBlood. After the first year she attempted to return home only to be cast out again. It is said she finally took vengeance on her father...Bloody Vengeance...
Physical Appearance: Aricia's facial features are rather appealing. She has straight black hair that extends down to her shoulder blades. Her eyes are green as acid, and feel like they could pierce your very soul. She wears all black clothing, a plain one strap t-shirt and bland jeans splotched with bleach. A belt snakes around her waist, but her pants still hang loosely off, her shoe choice is combat boots. Also she usually wears a black hoody that sits tied around her torso.
Personality: Very shy and isn't very social, rarely engages herself into any human or demigod contact. She's the girl you'd see at the back of the class keeping to her own. Though shy, she isn't afraid to call out those who pick on the weak. Aricia isn't afraid to punish those who have wronged her or others ignoring the consequences that follow. She can be harsh and won't get close to anyone. Her believe is she's bad luck, and doesn't deserve to love or to be loved by anyone. As they say, 'Revenge is best served cold.'
Fatal Flaw: Ari shares her mothers love of revenge.
Pets: She owns two beautiful Egyptian Mau's Her belief is, they'll keep her fathers murderous spirit at ease.
Talents: She supposively can curse people. That is only a rumor for now. Other than that she is very agile when seeking out her enemies weaknesses and using it against them.
Weapons: 2 Bronze daggers: They have odd symbols carved into the blade...
Year-Round or Summer: Summer, she prefers to live the rest of her time alone. No one knows where she lives or what she does during that time.
Other: Her relationship toward her mother and siblings seems to be quite distorted. She as an outstanding hunger for revenge towards Nemesis.

This character was approved by Bren. -Bean
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PostSubject: Re: RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters   

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RubyWillDestroyYou's Characters
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