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 living in ruins of a palace within my dreams [bean]

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PostSubject: living in ruins of a palace within my dreams [bean]   Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:22 pm

Fern walked to the Mess Hall, almost stumbling because her eyes were half closed. She was still tired. She was used to waking up at almost noon, but one of her cabin mates had woke her up. She had gotten furious and had practically threatened the girl. The poor thirteen year old girl had shrieked in fear and ran away as fast as she could with the hairbrush still in her hand.

Fern didn't feel like eating much either. She usually slept through breakfast, but she decided she might aw well eat something. Or try to. She walked into the Mess Hall and toward the Hera table where already a few of her cabin mates were. She sat on the corner of the table with a small boy next to her. He reminded her a bit like her dad. A younger version of course. But sadly, Jack Daniels was dead. Fern missed her father. They used to do everything together. From dropping her off at school to shopping with her at the mall to helping her do her homework. "Why are you staring at me?" The boy asked with anxious eyes, breaking her from her thoughts. "O-oh. I'm sorry. You just reminded me of someone." Fern responded before getting her breakfast.

Fern wasn't sure on what to eat for breakfast. She had picked a few random things like bacon and toast. She knew she wanted coffee though to wake her up a bit. She slowly picked at her breakfast here and there. She was thinking of offering to her mother, but thought she hated her mother so why would she? Fern tried to finish eating the rest of her breakfast without thoughts of her past life occupying her mind.

She was done with her breakfast and was about to throw out the crumbs when she saw an Athenian child at the table next to her with a book covering his face. She grinned and set her plate down. Fern leaned over to the Athena table. "Nerd." She told him before plucking the book out of his hands. She quickly glanced at the cover before throwing the book over her shoulder. Fern looked at the boy and smirked. She had picked the right person to pick. It was the Athena cabin leader. She knew it was a terrible idea to mess with him, but she couldn't help it. Trouble was her middle name.

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living in ruins of a palace within my dreams [bean]
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