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 i'm just another girl, just another one--- open

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lara croft
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PostSubject: i'm just another girl, just another one--- open   Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:32 pm

kalina nikolova

what was she doing? sneaking around, being incredibly suspicious looking... that wasn't kalina nikolova at all. yet here she was, skulking around in the shadows, looking around corners like she had something to hide. which she didn't! she'd done nothing- lately, anyway- to have anything to be worried about. yet, she'd woken up with a peculiar sense of... well, actually, she had a terrible feeling that something was about to happen. she didn't know what, but she was positive of that fact. the hello's her campers had sent her way had barely even registered- she was too focused on that feeling, that thought which was running around the back of her head. she probably didn't even look her best as she made her way around slowly, her hair an absolute mess, her outfit definitely not up there on the best-outfits-kalina-had-ever-worn list.
if she'd known what she was going to be told, she would have slept in. she wouldn't have left the cabin, she wouldn't have stopped to have a conversation with an innocent member of the hera cabin who'd called her over. she'd known straight away something was up, she'd been positive of it... the girl had questioned her on how she'd been the other day- the day when she'd been sitting at the lake, writing in her diary. the day she hadn't been around camp, at all. she'd pointed that fact out, of course. even laughed a little, asking her if she'd gotten her dates right. yet the other girl insisted- she'd seen her, that day, and she'd been... scary looking? not scary, intimidating? and she'd tried to have a conversation, she'd tried to ask her something, and instead she'd brushed her off. poor girl, she was scared she'd done something to offend her. yet, kalina was just confused. after assuring the girl- lily?- that she'd not meant anything by whatever had happened, she'd questioned her some more.
what she'd found out had definitely put her on edge. kalina had left the cabin glancing over her shoulder every few seconds, carefully avoiding crowded places in camp and remaining in the shadows as much as possible. because, she had not spoken to lily the other day. she had not ignored the girl, and she had definitely not been dressed like she described.
something was going on, and something had definitely just happened. but, scarily, it was a lot worse than kalina could have thought it would be.
her nerves on edge, kalina rounded the corner by the mess hall- and spotted long, brunette hair, just ahead. almost immediately, she pressed against the wall, her breathing suddenly heavy as she took a look around it... and saw nothing. no one there, no one at all. stupid, stupid, she turned around-
'oh my god!' her voice was more than a little startled, and she jumped backwards straight into the wall, hitting off of it painfully. eyes wide, she struggled to find some words (and air), her mind racing. 'i-i'm so sorry, i didn't realize there was anyone there...' trailing off, she tried to calm her heart, which had come very close to an attack. 'i guess i looked very... uh, suspicious? that's easily explainable, actually-' she stopped herself, shaking her head almost immediately. 'actually, no, it's not, it's definitely not easily explained. but i'm very, very sorry for jumping, and... well, all of that. so, so sorry.' and very, very embarrassed.

ooc--- long story short, there's a kalina doppelganger out there and now she's on edge. have fun with a startled, awkward kalina!

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a. hams
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PostSubject: Re: i'm just another girl, just another one--- open   Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:41 pm

nikolai winchester - - - -

Nikolai walked down to the mess hall from the library. Until very recently, he’d been hanging out in there with Livia Malcolm, and although he loved her dearly and truly and deeply, Nik just needed to spend some time for himself. After all, there were some things he’d like to do that he didn’t think his girlfriend would be interested in. For instance, pokémon. His Aunt Lindsey had shown him the game while Nikolai was in clinic a year ago, and he’d fallen in love with the video game. The little creatures gave him not only entertainment while he was bored out of his mind (because nearly everything fun in the hospital he had been at was either stupid or Nik was complete shit at whatever it was), but it also gave him some hope as a human being. As a child, the demigod thought that pokémon was pointless, and he scoffed at the idea of training pets to kill other pets just for money and fun. It was like gladiator all over again. But now that he was older and a bit wiser, Nikolai actually thought the plot as kinda cool, and some of the things the characters did and said were pretty deep. It was a fact that the youngest Winchester, so screwed up in mind and spirit and body, was a nerd and a complete sucker for this tiny virtual world. He owned a few worn out t-shirts of his favourite pokémon like celebi, mew, and pikachu, although he didn’t wear them often because of the ridicule he’d gained at school for them. Taunts really did put a person down and now Nikolai was almost ashamed. Almost. There was a tiny part of him, and it wasn’t even as big as a grain of sand, that didn’t care what others thought of him, and it held on to the love Nik had for the video game, as it probably would forever. 

So the demigod walked, eyes on his gaming system and not on the path in front of him. Nik, having battle reflexes like everyone else, was able to detect when a person was about to run into them, and ergo was able to dodge said demigod. The only sounds besides the chatter of others and the din of nature was of skin making contact with plastic, the pads of Nikolai’s fingers sticking to the smooth surface as if they both were opposite parts of velcro. It was hot out today, which made anything that he held wet with the sweat of his hands. The sun beat down on his dark head, making the black a muddy brown colour like the Missouri river. Nik ignored how hot it was outside, and concentrated on two things; making sure he didn’t lost this battle on the game, and getting to the nice air conditioned mess hall. That probably explained why he didn’t see a girl leaving the Hera cabin and heading into the same direction, and Nik almost tripped on her feet, narrowly missing that awkward experience by swerving involuntarily with the game, as if doing so could make the creature he was using to battle go that way. He grunted as he lost the pet, but not the actual war itself. One had to lose battles in order to win the war, just like pawns had to be sacrificed in a game of chess in order for the queen to survive and reign again with an iron fist. Nik just kept walking, slower, but determined to get out of the sun. 

Nik entered the mess hall, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the dimness of it all. Even though it was much cooler in here, and it most certainly had better lighting for gaming systems than the outdoors did, it was considerably more louder. This demigod was pretty sensitive, both emotionally and physically, and so he knew that by the time he left here, there would be a mildly annoying gnome hammering on the inside of this skull for endless hours upon endless hours, probably stopping in the middle of the night and then Nikolai could get some sleep. He kept playing, paying no mind to anything until a girl stood up from crouching behind a wall. Now, Nikolai Winchester was like a cat. He was startled quite easily, and so because of this occurrence  he had dropped his gaming system onto the hard floor below, and it made a loud sound as it smashed against it. As the girl was talking, and Nikolai half listening, he bent down to pick it up and was saddened to see that the screen was cracked very badly, a flickering image of Ash and his pokémon forever on the pixilated screen. Some of the plastic buttons had half fallen off, and the sides of the small electronic was chipped. He wasn’t mad. This was an accident, because the girl had apologised again and again, and the tone of her voice sounded sincere, so the demigod knew it wasn’t on purpose that she’d startled the both of them and accidentally broke it. Nik was disappointed sure, but not angry like any normal human would be. Nikolai didn’t think he had an anger gene in him. He stood back up and smiled reassuringly at the girl whom he now recognised as Kalina. She was his cabin leader and the face was very familiar to him. 

“It’s fine, really. No harm done.” Expect there was, but the twinkle in his blue eyes and the smile on his face didn’t give it away, the broken game system did. Nik chuckled. “I don’t think anything is suspicious these days. You’d be surprised at the kinds of things my girlfriend has done... don’t tell her I said that by the way, she’d kill me.” He stayed silent for a moment, trying of what to think of next. Nikolai was awkward, but at least he could hold up a conversation. “Umm, uh, would you like to tell me what you were doing or..? I mean, you don’t have too if you don’t want too but…” His voice trailed off as he looked at Kalina for hopefully a truthful explanation.
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ooc- it is about damn time we roleplayed together vina

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i'm just another girl, just another one--- open
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