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 Reflection of the past {open}

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Beautiful Chaos


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PostSubject: Reflection of the past {open}   Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:24 pm

Alayna Castro ~ Daughter of Melione
You don't have to pretend no one knows
Like there's no one that understands you

Alayna stood at the lake after she left the mess hall. She had made a good friend named Eli. She just didn't know if she would ever see him again. She looked into the lake seeing her reflection. She saw the sadness in her eyes. She hated how she could never hide her emotions because it would just show in her eyes. Why did she have to like her stepbrother in that kind of way. She then took a couple of steps forward. She was standing in the lake water and looked out to the sun. She closed her eyes soaking in the sunlight feeling the warmth on her face.

Alayna looked down at the water again. She finally looked happy since she has been here. She took more steps forwards her legs in the water. It was cold, but it was hot outside since it was summer. She turned around looking at the camp. She could just imagine her father saying "You made it this far, don't stop searching." she smiled to herself and turned back around facing the water and sun. She finally sat down in the water. She felt something on her shoulder. She smiled seeing it was her cat Lion "Hey. I guess we can start opening up to people. We are all the same. And we need to stop thinking of the past." Lion licked her and purred. Alayna smiled sitting in the water. It was time to stop thinking of the past.
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Prince Hawk


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PostSubject: Re: Reflection of the past {open}   Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:47 am

Derek walked through the forest, following the path towards the lake. He let his mind wonder, not really sure where it would go. Derek didnt pay any attention to what was going on around him as he passed all of his secret training spots in the forest. He soon found himself by the lake, the one place he had not been to in ages. Looking around he saw that there were very few campers in the area, but that was just the way he liked it.
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Reflection of the past {open}
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