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 trying to make it work --- [open]

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PostSubject: trying to make it work --- [open]   Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:07 am

Quinn Taylors
On your average sunny day in camp, the library was vacant of any teenagers, leaving it still and serene. That was the case today, as the air conditioners buzzed, the books waiting to be read on an endless amount of shelves. A few campers from cabin six lingered around the glowing screen of a laptop, pointing out flaws or bringing up suggestions about blue prints. Then, in the corner of the library, nearly hidden by stacks of notebooks and literature, was Quinn Taylors. Her loose grey and pink striped tank top with jean shorts suggested she would rather be outside, soaking in the sun, instead of being trapped by columns of endless homework.

That's right, homework.

Her mother had spoken to her via Iris - Message a few days ago, and told her that if she didn't start trying to catch back up on her education, she couldn't go to college. So, Quinn had ran over to cabin six and asked for materials that could help her. She was given piles of bookwork, and someone to report back to if she needed help. English, chemistry, biology, history, algebra and trigonometry books surrounded the daughter of Apollo, leaving her to question why reading was even necessary. Of course, she could read, it was just difficult with the whole only-reading-Greek thing. However, her tutor gave her a few hints, which allowed her to translate the writings.

Quinn tapped her pink pen on the top of an algebra book, staring blankly at a white piece of paper, then shifting over to a map of the human body systems. She understood the idea of it, she had learned it in like, the fifth grade, to some extent. However this was far more advanced, and it made her brain hurt. [which, as she learned, is made of three main sections, all of which were in pain] Exhaling, she ran a hand through her golden curls, her tapping intensifying as she grew frustrated. Her eyes dared to look out one of the windows, seeing campers running around in their swim suits, heading for the lake. She wanted to have a summer, obviously, it was her favorite season, but on the other hand, she needed to graduate high school.

The demigod slammed the cover of her biology book shut, the noise echoing off the ceiling of the library. Instead, she then grabbed a history book and opened it to one of her favorite eras, the American Revolution. She wouldn't ever tell anyone, but she adored history. Quinn noticed patterns of the past that continued to the future. It vaguely reminded her of her father's prophecy abilities, which she wished she had. Her pens then began writing notes as she read, her handwriting scribbled and rushed.

She heard footsteps, and without looking up at the cause, groaned. "What do you want?" Quinn asked, her lips pressed into a tight frown.
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PostSubject: Re: trying to make it work --- [open]   Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:00 pm

Winter Belle ~ Daughter of Athena
I'm the better one out of us
And I'm Winter, not Summer

Winter wasn't really in the mood to listen to her once she woke up. She got dressed in her shirt that her dad bought her when she asked for it, but he never really liked it, after she put on her black shorts her father hated, but wouldn't see her wearing them right now, she then put pushed her teeth and brushed her hair. She walked back to her bunk sitting on her bed. She grabbed her shoes and put them on. She heard Summer's voice, and she got right up and left. Winter came back in, grabbing her necklace putting it on.  She walked back out of the cabin and looked both ways. Where to go? she thought to herself.

Winter really hated how she could never figure out what to do. She just took a turn and wanted to go read. She knew the library was close, but what would she read about. Fiction? Non-fiction? or about the Gods and Goddess? Right when she walked in there was about two or five people, but the worst part was that they weren't together and were at separate tables.   Maybe you should find a book first, then figure out where to sit. she told herself. Winter walked to the Non-fiction aisle, she looked around and found, some books about weapons.

She grabbed the book and walked out of the aisle. She walked over to the table closer to her and then looked at the girl hearing her speak "What do you want?" Winter smirked to herself and spoke "Well I didn't know the library was private for you. But I will say, I like your outfit." Winter told Quinn.

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trying to make it work --- [open]
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