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 Gnasher's Character

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PostSubject: Gnasher's Character    Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:39 pm

Name: Ford Murphy
Age/Birthday: 17/Nov.26
Gender: Male
God Parent: Ares
Claimed: Naw
Mortal Family: Jessalyn Murphy, Michael Adams
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Ford's ma found someone new while he was still young. They have moved around seven times in total before finally settling down in a decent neighborhood. Because they were having financial issues (and also the monsters who seemed to keep finding them), he got sent to summer camp and found out about his father, though not who they were exactly. On the bright side his ma and stepfather, who own their current house, don't have to expend any more income on moving and are safe.

Physical Appearance: Tends to wear black motorcycle goggles, like the halcyon kind. Short brown-almost-black hair, sort of messy and sticks up/out by small angle from his forehead at the top, while neater on the sides and back. He has a peak hairline. Short, thin sideburns extend down, ending just before the sides of his face do. His brow is somewhat imposing when relaxed, over his eyes.  There is a cleft on his chin. His shoulders are sort of wide, too. He has had bad experiences with pants and will refuse to wear any, sticking with shorts, or simply boxers.
Personality: He is the type that will take the lead when nobody else is willing to.  Being put on the spot gives him more confidence, and not fake confidence, often leading to serious bravery. He's still brave, but not as brave as he could be.  When in a group where others do most of the talking he remains silent, mainly, something probably inherited from his mom. Ford may tune out loud scolding, especially when he thinks it is unnecessary.  He tries to remain positive, has a decent sense of humor, and he is somewhat supportive and protective of allies.
Turns to chewing on things when he has to stay still for a moderate period, because of his restlessness.  He will become violent and angry like a bear when woken up, and he gets the same way when pushed far enough completely conscious. It may take effort to calm him down when venting alone doesn't do the trick.
Fatal Flaw: Push him far enough, and he may not know when to back down, even if it's over something stupid.
Pets: N/A
Talents: He can smooth talk at times where he wants or needs to be, and has a sturdy tolerance for pain.  
Weapons: Sanity's Edge, which is a defensive, larger-than-average, one-handed blade. It has a history of being passed down, and was given to him by his clueless stepfather.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: Gnasher's Character    Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:46 pm

Ford Murphy is accepted
Happy roleplaying!
Sign up in your cabin!
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Gnasher's Character
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