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 The stranger in the mirror || Open

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PostSubject: The stranger in the mirror || Open   Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:03 pm


Quell’s face had been hallowed and shaped by the recent months. He barely got enough sleep these days, and his eyes were ringed in a bruised blue tone, and against his light skin that seemed to pale by the day, Quell could have passed for a vampire. As he stared at himself in the mirror, Quell didn’t see himself anymore. He saw a boy that had been hollowed out by fear and anger and sadness. His eyes looked sunken, the crease of his eyelids had become more noticeable and the grey of his eyes was foggy, whereas it had once shined. Quell’s cheekbones were more prominent, and his uncut hair hid several ragged scars on his forehead.

He looked like he had just been crying, and Quell hated it. He hated the unfamiliarity of his face. That boy looked gaunt and old and helpless. Quell hated feeling helpless. The stress of the recent months had taken a toll on the young boy and where a quiet, clever and kind child had once been, a hard, stubborn, angry soldier had taken his place. Quell thought of the knife he kept under his pillow while he slept, the lifeless form of that little girl who had cut him on the face and the corpse that had shot his leg, why he knew how to sob silently.

He said he was fine, and they believed him. Nothing noticeable had happened to Quell, so of course he was fine. Of course the bullet wound on his leg didn’t have a horror story behind it. Of course Quell didn’t have a story of his own. And then he was expected to become a rock for Liv, for Faye, he was expected to lead the Athena cabin. Quell was expected to become a soldier, so a soldier he became.

But it changed him. It made him angry and socially inadept and soon Quell had held his emotions in so long he could barely express them. Where was his rock? Quell didn't cry a lot (in fact he barely , but when he did, they were silent tears, in his bed at night, staring at the ceiling. So no one could hear him. But even if he got out of bed in the middle of the night, no one ever noticed the tear tracks.

Quell felt a cool trickle down his face before he saw the redness of his eyes. Looking away from the dark panel he had been staring at, Quell realized he was fingering his knife. There was blood on his fingertips and a burning pain in his palm. There was a rush of air that blew against the back of his legs and Quell realized someone was at the door. Quickly wiping the tears away with the back of his palm, he turned around, letting a spray of blood fly towards the door. ”Don’t you know how to knock?” Quell demanded, his voice more scratchy than he was expecting.

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PostSubject: Re: The stranger in the mirror || Open   Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:46 am

Saying that Connie was new at camp would be an understatement. She had been at camp a total of 20 minutes. Early that morning she had woken up behind the wheel of a car with no memory of how she got there. The first few minutes were a panic, frantically trying to remember what had happened, but it was no use. She couldn’t remember anything from the past 3 years.
It took her a little while to finally calm down and take a look at where she was now. She saw the huge pine tree on top of the hill and was… compelled to take a look. Hopping out of the car, she wandered towards the hill. When Connie reached the top, she was shocked. An entire camp lay before her, completely concealed from the outside world. She slowly walked in, finally being noticed by a camper. The camper directed her to the big house to talk to Chiron.
“So, Miss… Arima, is it?” He asked. She had informed him about her memory loss and the other circumstances of her arrival. The last thing she remembered was being claimed as a daughter of Morpheus when she was 13. Now, at the age of 16, she honestly didn’t know what to do. “Yes, that’s my name.” She responded quietly. Surprisingly enough, she wasn’t too surprised when she met him. The fact that he was a mythological creature just… didn’t faze her. Maybe she had met some other creatures in the gap in her memory. Chiron calmly explained what the camp was, and directed her to the Athena Cabin to have the cabin leader, Quell, show her around camp.
When Connie arrived at the cabin, one of the other children of Athena quickly pointed to the room Quell was in as he rushed out the door. Not knowing it was a bathroom, she opened the door without any hesitation, only to squeal in shock when she saw his bloody hand and was splattered by some blood as he turned around. After a moments she calmed down and wiped off the blood from her face, saying “I’m so sorry. Are you ok?” Connie was genuinely concerned. She took a few steps towards him, trying to get a look at the wound. “I’m Connie. Chiron told me that you would be showing me around.” She didn’t look at him when she said this, she just flickered her gaze between his hand and the floor.
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The stranger in the mirror || Open
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