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 my characters

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PostSubject: my characters   Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:26 pm

Name: Keilina Lanley
Nicknames: Keil, Lina. Shortened versions of her name
Age: 13
Birthday: July 26th
Place of Birth: Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
Godly Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Jason Lanley
Claimed or Unclaimed: claimed

Year-round or Summer camper: Year-round
Years at Camp: six
History: Keilina grew up in Massachusetts, dyslexic and having attention problems. Every year in school, she would get talked to by the principals. She caused disruptions in class and almost got held back in multiple grades. Keilina's dad never remairried, preferring to sit at home, get drunk, and not make money. He wouldn't pay attention to her, most times. Eventually this wore Keil down to the bone, and she asked her father what was so wrong with her. "You're a demigod," he answered. "Filthy demigod. If I could take back anything in my life... it would be you," he said cruelly. "Camp Half-Blood's the only place for freaks like you." Keilina heard and understood all of this, even being nine years old. But instead of runnng from the room crying, strong Keil calmly asked her father where the camp was. He told her, and also told her to get lost. The next day, packed and ready to go, she informed her father that she was leaving for the Camp. He shrugged and kept watching his stupid TV.
So Keil grabbed her backpack, and headed out to find Camp. It took her many days and lots of times hitch hiking to finally make it to camp.
Personality: Keilina is a strong, courageous kid of thirteen. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, and sometimes this can backfire a bit. Often people say that she talks too much, but Keil doesn't care what other people think. She loves reading, and is very intelligent for it. She may love talking, but she has a temper that can flare like the hottest flames. She does have a bit of wit stored up inside, so don't judge her by her cover.
Fatal Flaw: Keil has a real flame for adventure. Sometimes a bit too hot of a flame, if you catch my drift. She is very shy when it comes to her appearance though.
Likes: Books, Animals, Arguing, Sword fighting
Dislikes: Untrustworthy people, cars, her father, the climbing wall, attention.
Physical Description: Keilina has long, silky black hair that comes halfway down her back. Like most children of Athena, she also has the classic gray/silver eyes. Her body structure is rather slim, and her cheekbones are very prominent. Keil has long eyelashes that many people have commented on, and her nose is nothing good or bad. Long legs make Keil kind of tall, at around 6'2".  She gets rather shy when talking about her body, though. She doesn't like the attention.
Dressing Style: Keil loves black skinny jeans and whatever graphic t-shirt she can find.
Demigod Talents: Keilina is extra intelligent and wise
Weapons: Keil likes her trusty dagger or her short sword.
Pets: Just her German Shepherd, Azia (As- EYE- a)
Name/Alias: Dakota Hemmel
Interests: Reading, singing, role playing, writing (love writing), Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, writing, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Mythology. (although I don't study it)
How You Found Us: browsing

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PostSubject: Re: my characters   Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:47 pm

Keilina Lanley is accepted!
Happy Roleplaying!
Nice job! Sign up in your cabin.

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PostSubject: McKenna Mirren (adopted from Kenzie)   Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:01 pm

mckenna mirren - 15 - hecate - bisexual

Mckenna Mirren

Name: Mckenna Ann Mirren
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: November 19th
God Parent: Hecate, Goddess of Sorecery and Witchcraft
Claimed: Yes
Years in Camp: 4 Years
Mortal Family:

  • Taylor Mirren [Father]: Taylor Jacob Mirren was 25 upon finding out he was going to be a daddy. He was thrilled to figure out it was a girl, also. Everything was going smoothly, and the day Mckenna was born was the happiest of his life. Taylor's entire family waited outside the hospital room for just a peak at the new edition to their family. A few months after Mckenna was born, Hecate told Taylor she had to go pick up some more diapers and that she would be back soon. She never came back. Taylor made out to be a good dad. Unfortunately, he was killed a few years later. Taylor was a victim on 9/11. Mckenna didn't quite understand what happened.

  • Faith Hudson [Cousin]: After Taylor's death, Mckenna was taken in by his cousin, Faith. Faith was an awful woman. A bitter alcoholic with very bad hygiene. Mckenna hated her from the moment she met her.

  • Conner Hudson [Faith's Husband]: Conner was a lot older than Faith. It made Taylor sick. Conner never liked Taylor. He didn't want to admit it but, when they lowered Taylor's coffin into the ground, he whispered "finally." After Taylor's death, Conner decided he was going to take out his anger on Mckenna.

Brief History: Taylor Mirren was born and raised in New York. He'd always loved the city. All the lights, and people made him feel happy. Although, it wasn't the ideal place for starting a family.

Taylor met Hecate at a banquet for his father's business. She apparently worked as an intern for his father. They went on a date the next week and a couple more after than, before making it official. Six months later they found out Hecate was pregnant. They were both very excited for the arrival of their baby girl. During the pregnancy, Taylor found it hard to tolerate Hecate. He knew it was just the hormones making her act the way she was but, he want to kill her. Actually, for real, kill her. When the day finally came that Mckenna was born, he was so relieved. No more late night Taco Bell runs for craving food or getting in fights every two seconds. Although something worse was yet to come. For the next three months, they were a big happy family. Taylor was making good money, and Mckenna was healthy. Everything was going smoothly. After having Mckenna for three months, it was time for Hecate to go. She told Taylor she had to go run an errand and never went back. Taylor put out a missing persons report, and hired a team of experts to find Hecate. They never found her, or found a trace of her.

I guess luck didn't run in the family because, three years later, Taylor was killed in the attack on the Twin Towers. Mckenna didn't quite understand what happened but, she knew her daddy was dead. At the funeral, Mckenna never left her daddy's side. She was always right next to the casket. Mckenna kept touching his hand, and telling him how heaven was a nice place, and the angels would take care of him. Mckenna was later taken in by Taylor's cousin, Faith. She was a bitter alcoholic and so was her husband, Conner.

After living with Faith and Conner until she was ten, Mckenna packed a bag and snuck out in the middle of the night. Since they'd moved when she was seven to Las Vegas, she didn't have far to go until she reached camp. Mckenna had no idea where she was going but, she had to get out of that house. Conner hit her when he was drunk and Faith made her go to dingy hotels and buy Heroin for her. Mckenna hated the life she lived. But, she was brave and kept a strong exterior. When she snuck out that night, she was terrified. She slept in on a park bench. The next morning, she awoke to a voice. Though there was no one around. The voice was giving her directions and she followed them, soon arriving at camp.

Physical Appearance: Mckenna looks like an average teenage girl. She has long, messy, chocolate brown hair. Her eyes are big and hazel. Sometimes they appear to be strictly brown. Her round face is covered in freckles, along with the rest of her olive skinned body. She doesn't wear make up often, except for special occasions. Her eyebrows are thicker than most, same with her eyelashes. Mckenna is 5"1' and weighs 123lbs.

Personality: Mckenna is a lazy, awkward teenage girl. She enjoys long car rides and her main concern is finding a wifi signal. Being practically born into a grave, she was forced to be brave. Mckenna keeps a strong exterior but, her interior is a weak, dainty little girl. Putting aside the way she grew up, Mckenna is actually very compassionate and friendly. She is always there the offer a helping hand. She can be controlling at times and over-organized. Mckenna is very logical about everything. She takes time to think things over before doing them. Mckenna is very imaginative and crafty. She is very loud and leaderly. A lot of people find her to be annoying at times, which makes her feel insecure. Mckenna is very shy, she never strays from the norm, or does anything out of the ordinary. She doesn't like talking to authority or on the telephone much. It makes her uncomfortable.

Fatal Flaw: Mckenna is a complusive liar. It doesn't matter if the truth is acceptable or not, she lies. Mckenna is also very gullible.
Pets: None
Talents: Mckenna doesn't have very many actual talents but, she does have some pretty awesome powers. Mckenna has the power of Necromancy. She can talk to the dead but, it leaves her exhausted. The first time she tried to raise a zombie, Mckenna passed out. After a bit of practice, she gets nausea and on occasion passes out. She sometimes uses this to speak with her dad.
Weapons: She has a spear that she keeps strapped to her back and a dagger she keeps in a holster around her thigh. Both are made of stygian iron.
Other: She really likes marshmallows
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PostSubject: Re: my characters   Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:43 pm

Makena is already accepted, but it would really be wonderful if you could keep your characters in one topic, to prevent clogging. Thank you!

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: my characters   

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my characters
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