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 Sienna the Amazing's Characters

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Sienna the Amazing


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PostSubject: Sienna the Amazing's Characters   Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:08 am



Birth Certificate

Name: Britta Macay
Nicknames: Her mom calls her Peanut Britta
Age:  November 13, 1996. Britta is 17 years old.
Place of Birth:  Dublin, Ireland
Godly Parent: Hermes
Mortal Family:  Michael Nolan (Step-father) and Jennifer Macay-Nolan. Jennifer was also born in Dublin on July 23, 1976. She was twenty when she met Hermes at a bar. 9 months later, Britta was born. She absolutely adores Britta, and is completely proud of her. She learned who Britta’s father was after the satyr came to their house (This will be explained more in her history)
Claimed or Unclaimed:  Claimed

Camp Life

Year-Round or Summer Camper:  Britta is a year round camper. She attends a private High school in Manhattan.
Years at Camp:  4
Birth-age 5:
Britta was born in the National Maternity Hospital, weighing in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces. Her mother had a hard time caring for a baby on her own, but she did it. She managed to juggle her internship at a private law firm, and raising her daughter. Britta was found to be very intelligent, despite getting into a lot of trouble.
Britta went to private school the whole time she lived in Dublin. Her mother had become a partner in a major law firm, and yet she never seemed to have less time for Britta. Every day after school, Britta would walk by herself to her mother’s office building, say hello to the Receptionist, and then go straight to her mother’s office. She would sit at a small table in the corner and do homework, read or put together a puzzle, while her mother did her work. Then at six o’clock, they would go home together.
When Britta was ten, her mother got a job in providence Rhode Island. When they arrived, monsters started to attack. At first, it was only once every couple months. Then they got more frequent. When Britta was thirteen, a satyr showed up at their house. He explained how he had seen Britta at school, and knew who she really was. He explained to her mother that Britta had to get to safety. After a lot of persuasion, she agreed to let Britta go.

The Psyche

Personality:  Britta is an ENFP on the Meyer Briggs scale. Although Britta isn’t very hyper, she is still excitement oriented, and gets bored very easily. She’s very quick thinking, and can easily come up with something on a whim. Britta is very scatterbrained, and is hard to stay with. She’s constantly jumping from topic to topic.
Britta is fun to be around, and has no problem meeting new people. She likes to have a few really close friends compared to a lot of acquaintances. She is popular in school, although she doesn’t have many friends at camp.  
Although she is very charming, not many people realize that she does have a quiet side.  She can be quite sensitive, and always wants to make people happy
Britta does have flaws. Here are some of them:
Britta tends to hide her true feelings from others. She finds it hard to express her true feelings to anyone, especially romantic feelings. She tends to act like everything is fine, even if it isn’t. She finds it easier to be mad than sad, and can get into arguments this way.
She also has a problem staying focused. When she does find time to concentrate, she can get a lot of work done. If someone tries to bother her during her “Focus time” she gets irritated and her sass-meter rises.
Britta doesn’t like to feel left out. If she feels like people are ignoring her, she’ll make stupid vies for attention and will wind up feeling bad afterward.
Britta is likely to make quick judgments on people and things, even though they might be wrong.
Britta likes to think of herself as “Non-conformist”. She isn’t a big fan of the rules and doesn’t mind breaking them, unless she gets caught. Then she has “nothing to do with anything and is being wrongly accused.”
Britta has claustrophobia.
Fatal Flaw:  Hubris

  • Rock Climbing
  • People
  • Adventure
  • Heights


  • Small spaces
  • Arrogance
  • Criticism
  • Irish stereotypes

Talents: Britta is a talented Rock climber. She usually climbs on real cliffs as opposed to indoor rock climbing gyms. She climbs by herself (Which usually isn’t recommended, but she does it anyway)

The Appearance

Physical Description:
Britta doesn’t tend to fit the Irish stereotype (Which she finds degrading, by the way). She has long brown hair, which is of medium thickness and somewhat dry. Her eyes are a very striking blue, and are an almond shape.  She has a well-defined jawline and a cleft chin. She is approximately 5 foot 3 inches tall. She is very fit, and isn’t very curvy.  
Dressing Style: Britta can be described as fashionable. She usually wears jeans and shorts, and prefers bright colors.

The Defensive System

Demigod Talents:  Britta doesn’t have any powers.
Weapons:  Britta uses a Victorian longbow made of yew. She has a quiver that holds up to 20 arrows. The arrows she uses have no special abilities, and the quiver doesn’t stock itself.
Pets:  Britta doesn’t have any pets.

Notes:  Britta’s faceclaim is Sarah Bolger. She has a very faded Irish accent that isn’t very noticeable unless she points it out.

The Puppet Master

Name/Alias: Sienna
Interests:  Making Crackship gifs, watching TV, making the most obscure references, and more.
How you found this site:  It’s a long story.

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PostSubject: Re: Sienna the Amazing's Characters   Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:18 am

Oh my lord, I love her I love her I love her I LOVE YOU TOO! Since I'm from Ireland myself, I absolutely adore seeing more Irish characters, especially ones who hate the Irish stereotype just like me! We'll have to roleplay sometime! I really, really enjoyed reading through your application, and you have a real talent for writing that shows through your words. I can't wait to see what you do with her :D
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Sienna the Amazing's Characters
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