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 MusicLover's Character(s)

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PostSubject: MusicLover's Character(s)   Wed Apr 09, 2014 10:27 am

Name: Calliope Synthia James
Nicknames: Calli
Age: 14, born September 11th, 1999
Place of Birth: Watkins Glen, New York
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Family: Cameron James was driving his car on a business trip to New York, growing tired. He took a few sips of ice cold water to try and fool his brain into thinking he wasn't tired, but that plan soon failed. He was headed straight into a tree when Aphrodite appeared in his passenger seat and grabbed the wheel with one hand, waking him up with the other.  As soon as he woke up, a minute later, he saw the most beautiful woman he could lay his eyes on. She was beautiful, with blonde hair, full lips, rosy cheeks. She had the prettiest eyes Cameron has ever seen, being a lovely dark blue. He instantly fell in love, mystified by the woman in his passenger seat. A month later, when Aphrodite found out she was pregnant, they moved in together. After Calliope was born, Aphrodite mysteriously left, and Cameron was heartbroken.
About three years later, he met Ana, Calliope's step-mother. They instantly fell in love, but Calliope got jealous of Ana for a while. She always had her father's attention, but now he gave most of it to Ana. Calliope never told her dad, as she doesn't like to talk about her feelings and still doesn't. She eventually got over it. In 2005, Ana and Cameron got married, in 2006, they had a daughter together, Gabriela Isabelle James. Being the loving person she is, Calliope grew very protective of Gabriela, and vowed to hurt anyone who tried attempted to harm Gabriela. She acted more as a mother then a sister to Gabriela.
Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed
Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-Round
Years at Camp: It's her first day
History: When Calliope was a child, she was very antisocial and didn't have many friends. She was shy and didn't like talking. She usually read in her room or took care of her younger sister. When she was a little older, she turned to music to help her deal with her feelings.
She had ADHD, like many demigods. She took medicine for it, but it didn't help a whole lot. She was kicked out of three schools. The first time, because she punched a bully in the nose. The second, she back-talked a teacher repeatedly. And the third and final, because she didn't wear the school uniform. Her fourth school, she left to go to Camp Half-Blood.
Her schools were very strict, each having it's own uniform and rules. They were all private schools, and most of the kids there were kicked out of their other schools. All the outside areas had a tall electric fence. Her teachers, who weren't monsters, were still cruel and most didn't care for the students. The windows had bars on them, The halls were dark, and there was always some kind of drill happening.
She grew up in a protective environment, so when she arrived at Camp Half-Blood, she had a tough time at first, but she adapted after a month. She was used to being spoiled, having everything handed to her on a golden platter. She's still adapting to having to  fend for herself. Calliope didn't speak much about her feelings, and often stayed silent, and did something quiet, like read. She never socialized, and hated being with other people. She was bullied and had almost no friends during her childhood.  
Once she turned thirteen, everything changed. Living her life as a normal girl instead of a half-blood wasn't an option anymore. Monsters followed her, became teachers at her school, and tortured her until they finally attacked her peaceful hometown. There was no severe damage, but she knew it was time. She left for Camp Half-Blood and never turned back.
Personality: Calliope's very shy and sensitive, but once you get to know her, she opens up gradually. She's sassy, and she can unintentionally hurt someone, physically or mentally, sometimes both. She can be very impatient and doesn't like to wait. She's overprotective of any close friends and family, which is a blessing and a curse. She would put her life on the line before someone else's. She frequently gets mood swings, which can cause to say things she doesn't mean. If you play your cards right, she'll be your best friend. If you mess up, you should be very cautious around her. She's typically respectful, but she'll defend anyone.
Fatal Flaw: Being overprotective causes her to love others and value their live more then her own, and she'd put herself in danger before anyone else.
Likes: Fall Out Boy, being alone, writing, reading, and her friends and family
Dislikes: People who tick her or her friends/family off, being in large and crowded areas,  unintentionally hurting someone, being a jerk, and the daylight  
Physical Description: Calliope has stunning, blood-shot, big, dark blue eyes with little specks of violet and black, and black and blue fringe that matches her eyes. She usually has her hair flat ironed, teased, and huge. She has stronger arms and legs then most girls her age. She also pretty tall, being 5'7 from  playing basketball all her life. She wears black eyeliner, usually in the 2007 Pete Wentz style. She has slight curves, but she's still skinny. Her skin is flawless and pale, almost vampire-like. She always has her nails painted either black or blue, sometimes with skulls on them. She often draws or writes Fall Out Boy related stuff on herself in marker.
Dressing Style: She can be found with super-skinny jeans, almost any color or pattern, Converse, either knee-highs or high-tops. She wears Fall Out Boy, Green Day, or My Chemical Romance band t-shirts. When it's cold out, she can be found wearing her studded leather jacket. She is never without her lucky charm, her Fall Out Boy wristband that matches one of her t-shirts that she got when she was eleven.
Demigod Talents: She's a bow and arrow prodigy, and she can use a sword if necessary. She can also speak multiple languages, including American Sign Language, German, and French
Weapons: She has a golden bow and arrow as a gift from her dad when she was a toddler.
Pets: A small, black kitten, with a pink collar with skulls on it, named Princess
Other: She plays bass guitar, can sing, but never really lets anyone know. She also loves the color blue, and the shade black. She is bisexual and out to everyone except her family. She also illegally smokes cigarettes, is on drugs, and drinks alcohol.
The Puppet Master
Name/Alias: Brianna
Interests: Fall Out Boy, writing, and learning to play bass guitar
How you found this site: My friend HorrorRPGamer ^.^

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PostSubject: Re: MusicLover's Character(s)   Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:10 pm

Calliope Synthia Jones is accepted
Happy Roleplaying!
Nice job! Sign up in your cabin.

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MusicLover's Character(s)
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