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 head in the clouds but my gravity's cenetered (bren)

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PostSubject: head in the clouds but my gravity's cenetered (bren)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:03 pm

I know that we are upside down,

So hold your tongue and hear me out,
I know that we were made to break,
So what? I don't mind.

Katerina wasn't doing anything particular, just walking around. For some reason, she had landed among the strawberry fields. She didn't really like strawberries, but the smell just seemed to comfort her. She smiled as she walked along the rows of strawberries. It was completely empty, which was nice for her. She had it to herself.

Kat was starting to get over the fact that she hadn't meant to kill Colin. It was only by accident. She was aiming for the monster and he happened to be near the monster. She sighed and sat down. She missed home. She wished she could've stayed there instead of staying here. She missed her foster family. They were so nice and they actually cared about her. It's not that her actual mom didn't care for her, she did but later stopped caring. Kat had recently stopped caring about herself. She hadn't been eating a lot lately, making her thin. She hadn't been able to sleep because the dreams of her mom just haunted her. She found it easier to stay awake. She wondered how Skyler was doing, whether he got out of the infirmary or not. At the thought of him, she looked at her own hand. It was bandaged, from where the knife had cut her. She quickly put her hand behind her back to hide it. She didn't want to think about it.

Kat was starting to get hungry for lunch. She didn't want to leave the strawberry fields. She wanted to stay there forever, but knew she couldn't. Kat stood up brushing the grass off her jeans and started walking toward the Mess Hall. With her luck, she bumped into someone and fell flat on her bottom. She muttered something about paying attention more to herself before standing up and rushing over to the other person. "Oh my gods! I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention and I just so happen to be very clumsy. Are you okay? I hope you didn't hurt yourself. Oh my gods. I'm such an idiot. You could have a stroke now just because of me. Well, I don't think you could form just falling, but still. I'm so sorry." Kat rambled on. She stuck out a hand to help the boy up.


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PostSubject: Re: head in the clouds but my gravity's cenetered (bren)   Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:48 pm

Son of Demeter

It was about midday, and Scott had done nothing productive so far. In fact, the boy was still in bed. Although he had gotten up and made the bed and put on clothes, however he was still lying on top of the sheets, staring up at the ceiling of his small cabin. He wore khaki cargo shorts with a striped muscle-shirt on which there were stripes of various shades of green and various widths.

A small growling noise interrupted his thoughts. At first, he thought it was a growl from one of his cabin mate's dogs. However, when he sat up he found himself empty in the confined room. He slid forward on his bed so that his feet touched the ground. Again, the growling sound. Scott looked down. It was his stomach. A smile caught on his face, and he began to laugh. He loved to laugh.

The boy got up out of the bed and traveled across the room to the door, where his flip-flops were waiting. He slipped his feet into them, and then exited his room. He traveled down a narrow hallway to the front entrance of his sunlit cabin wrapped in all sorts of vegetation. He pushed open the front door and entered the sunny realm outside. He loved to go outside, but the days were getting hotter as the months progressed and he wasn't acclimated to the heat quite yet. Nevertheless, on the sunny day that day he had left his reclusive bubble.

Setting out for the Mess Hall, Scott observed various sweaty campers in various sweaty clothes. Armor strapped, dark stains under their arms, and hair dripping with drops of perspiration. It almost made Scott feel bad for being so lazy. Almost. Scott wasn't a fighter, so he hardly did any training. Most of the time he hung in the strawberry fields, perfecting his magic of bringing life and growth to the plants. Or simply eating.

Scott's trip to the mess hall, however, was cut a little bit short. As he rounded the edge of the horseshoe of cabins, he collided with someone, sending both of them sprawling back into the grass. Scott landed on his tail. The girl across from him did the same. Pain riddled Scott's spine, but it was not too bad. He was more concerned about the other person, feeling quite bad for knocking her over.

"No, no, please don't worry about me," he laughed, lightheartedly. He took the hand she offered and stood up. He rubbed his backside. "Besides, how much flatter could my ass get anyway?" he chuckled. Scott was pretty much famous for making lame jokes to diffuse the tension. Even if they were at his own expense, it typically made others feel easier. "The fault is mine. I'm Scott. Sorry about that," he apologized, bowing dramatically and kissing her hand, which he still held even after she had already helped him stand. After doing so, he released it and stood to face her. "And who are you?" he inquired, eyes twinkling.

Created by Blitzy of Caution 2.0

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PostSubject: Re: head in the clouds but my gravity's cenetered (bren)   Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:54 pm

Kat smiled at him. "Are you sure?" She inquired, raising both of her eyebrows. Her cheeks turned a light pink when he kissed her hand. She hid them behind her back when he finished. "I'm uh..." She paused and thought about it for a moment. What was she supposed to call herself now? Was she still Kat? Or was she Katerina now? She quickly made up her mind and responded, "I'm Katerina. I prefer Kat though. Daughter of Hephasteus." She scrunched up her nose. It felt weird saying her actual name. She always hated it even when her best friend said it. She couldn't stand it, but it felt like her middle name instead of her first. She rarely said it.

Kat studied him for a moment. She tried guessing his godly parentage. She thought, What are you? A child of Athena? She quickly looked away, her face pink again. "Were you going somewhere? You could leave if you'd like." She offered politely sitting down and shrugging. She smiled at him again and plucked a strawberry from the bush. She popped it into her mouth before glancing back up at the boy again. She missed the strawberry fields. It just seemed to comfort her and make her not think about everything that had recently happened. She was thinking of actually calling her family back in Hawaii. She hadn't called them in awhile. They had sent her a package for Easter. She still hadn't opened the package. Kat knew exactly where the package was, right under her bed. She didn't want to open it because it still wouldn't be the same without her real mom. She missed her mom. Why did she have to leave? But she knew why. It was Kat's fault. There was no reason to dwell on her mother especially not now. She wasn't here and Kat couldn't change the past. She wished she could've. She would've warned her mom or simply just ran away. But she did something else. Kat sighed and directed her attention again back to the Scott. Back to reality.


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PostSubject: Re: head in the clouds but my gravity's cenetered (bren)   

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head in the clouds but my gravity's cenetered (bren)
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