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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Lake, almost unlimited water... Eh, what could go wrong? (Completely open, don't deny it)

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PostSubject: Lake, almost unlimited water... Eh, what could go wrong? (Completely open, don't deny it)   Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:51 pm

A flash of auburn appeared onto the water of the lake at Camp Half-Blood before quickly disappearing below. "Lucia, your awesome brother doesn't want to play any kind of kiddie game right now!" called Rave, Lucia's step-brother who was also, in fact, the son of Apollo. The doll-like girl stayed in the water for a few seconds, not long after almost turning purple and immediately putting her out out of the liquid. Taking deep breaths, Lucia hopped onto the shore in an orange bathing suit. "Really, Rave?" she pouted childishly, not sounding like the eleven year old she was. "I was just having fun." Rave rolled his ice-blue eyes, being in his Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and basketball shorts.

"C'mon, just go in," Lucia said nonchalantly as she started pushing her brother towards the lake. "Lucia, Lucia, no, Lucia, what are you doing?" he started stuttering nervously. He did not want to go in the water, especially when "his golden locks were as perfect as this." She put smile, craving revenge right now. "I think the verdict is... Rave is guilty," she laughed, pushing him in the water as her step-brother splashed into the lake screaming like a girl. Rave dunked his head out, and he gasped for precious air. Shaking his sandy hair that he claimed to be awesome, the son of Apollo gave out the mischievous grin that was close to one of a Hermes kid. "Oh, you're on." A rustle in the bushes made them turn their heads in shock in the direction of the noise.

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PostSubject: Re: Lake, almost unlimited water... Eh, what could go wrong? (Completely open, don't deny it)   Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:32 pm

It was another nice sunny day at camp-half blood, perfect for a swim in the lake. Seth knew of a perfect spot where almost no one went because it was some what off to the side and away from where most people are. The journey through the forest was nice and calming, but he could still feel the icy chill of his claymore strapped to his back; he probably should have thought twice about going in just swimming shorts and sandals.

Off in the distance he could hear a little girl playing with some guy, sounded like an odd pair but nothing is unusual at camp. As he broke through the tree line the fresh sunlight blinded his eyes, and for a second he couldn't see a thing. When his eyes adjusted he saw the two children staring at him in silence. He stood there for a moment not knowing what to say, and finally broke the silence ""Hello, uhm hows it going? I'm Seth, nice to meet you." He could some what recognize the duo, they often went around camp together, but he never spoke directly to them.
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Lake, almost unlimited water... Eh, what could go wrong? (Completely open, don't deny it)
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