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 Freedom at last (Open x3)

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Jason Venti

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PostSubject: Freedom at last (Open x3)   Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:14 am

Kayla moved her way into the infirmary as best as she could, with her crutches and everything. Thankfully, those were going away today. After that morning with the cute but jerk boy who helped her up then tried to hit on her for her looks, or for her money, Kayla was ready to get to stupif cast off and be free again. She sat on the nearest free cot, and waited for whoever was working the imfirmary today to come by and get her cast off. She began humming the tune of that song 'Let it Go' from Frozen to herself. The movie was adorable and Elsa was an automaticly amazing character because she had ice powers like Kayla did. She looked over and saw her off-the-shoulder top had begun to slip. With a little bit of an annoyed sigh she fixed it. Then looked straight back ahead and waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Freedom at last (Open x3)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:19 pm

Brandon didn't spend much time in the infirmary. Most of the time, the only part of him damaged was his arm, and that was repaired in the armory, not the infirmary. This time, however, it wasn't his arm. Lacerations coated his body after an explosion involving an experiment with Greek fire. He had bandaids all over his body, ranging from plain old ones to bandaids with Dora the Explorer or skulls or anything in between. Where there weren't bandaids, there were wrappings. Some of the cuts had been pretty deep, which is why he had to rest in the infirmary for a while.

Sighing to himself and bored out of his mind, he got up and took a short walk. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a girl sitting at a window looking somewhere between longing and frustrated. "Hey there" he started, getting her attention. "I'm Brandon." He introduced himself, sitting down next to her. He wasn't the type to intrude on someone, but he could also tell when someone just needed some company, generally because it was a feeling he felt a lot. "What're you in for?" He asked, smiling at her.
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Freedom at last (Open x3)
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