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 woo books [open]

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PostSubject: woo books [open]   Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:30 pm

l e x  k n i g h t | s o n  o f  a t h e n a

Lex entered the crowded cabin, and looked around. Everyone seemed to be busy with something. No one was just chilling, listening to music, anything like that. Lex played with his Pokemon keychains on his belt loop and looked for his bunk. He just learned that he was a son of Athena. Although he was feeling bitter, he hid it behind the smile on his face. He didn't like making people worry about him.
Once he found his bunk, he threw his stuff onto it, and smiled. He opened up his bags and looked around. His anime and video game t-shirts welcomed him. He pulled out his Death Note replica, and opened it. There was only one name written in it. His father's. He closed it quickly, and stuffed it back into his backpack. He didn't want to be bitter. Not now. Maybe when he's fighting, but he didn't want to scare off his new siblings.
"It's amazing that I can gain hundreds of siblings in just a matter of minutes. I wonder where Henry is..." he said, looking for his satyr friend. He seemed to have disappeared. Of course, Lex realized that Henry had to return to his regular satyr duties, now that he has brought Lex to camp. Lex sighed, then sat down on his bed, looking for a conversation. He watched as his half-siblings walked right past him.
"Hello, my name is--" he began, trying to introduce himself, but each person he tried to talk to just ignore him. He sighed, and simply sat, waiting for someone to introduce themselves, as the vice versa would be difficult to achieve.

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woo books [open]
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