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 The Living Room & Cabin Rules

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PostSubject: The Living Room & Cabin Rules   Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:29 am

T h e  L  i v i n g  R o o m
It was very hard for Tiberius to not make the living room Victorian and old fashioned like he wanted. But he had to think about what others wanted and not him. So he had gone a more colorful and modern route, though he didn't know how good the outcome was because he wasn't a girl. The walls were a light aquamarine, and lights and picture were hung on them, allowing for more color. The floors were a dark color, as was the mahogany table that sat in the middle. Two low rise grey couches sat on either side with pattered pillows on it. A TV sat in the impression of the room, small but useful to anyone who wanted to relax. Anyone from any cabin was welcome here. There was also a piece of paper tacked to the wall. In nice neat handwriting, there was the rules of the cabin.
 Aphrodite Cabin Rules-
 1) Please clean up after yourself. No one else will be responsible for your messes.
2) NO FIGHTING. If you wish to punch each other, take it outside. 
3) Boys and Girls from different cabin are not allowed into the bedrooms for obvious reasons. 

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The Living Room & Cabin Rules
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