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 I stumble then I crawl {Moonie}

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PostSubject: I stumble then I crawl {Moonie}   Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:57 pm


Everything seemed to be spinning, like a top, teetering on the verge of toppling. That’s what Livia was really. Just a top. If she didn’t stop forgetting, she would fall. But for some reason, this was it. Livia felt as if there was a hard coat of armor covering her battle scars. If she ever peeled them off, it would hurt. And she couldn’t do that. She had done that with Nik, she had let him in and he had gotten hurt because of her. That wasn’t fair to him. And it hurt Livia even more to know that she was hurting the people she loved even more than she was hurting herself.

Everything seemed so distant. It was as if Livia was a minor character in a movie, watching everything happen from a distance, faded music playing over the sepia background effects. Everything seemed like a memory. No one could touch her. She didn’t crave Nik’s company, nor really want to be comforted anymore.

Livia had two options. To cry about killing a boy, to moan about it for the rest of her life, even though in the back of her mind, she knew he was already dead. Or to put on a shield, enjoy her life, don’t go back, enjoy her life. Livia knew that ultimately, that was what it came down to. But a part of her was giving up hope. The emptiness Livia felt had crept into her heart, replacing her fiery passion, her natural wit, her humor with sadness and loneliness, and an inability to be comforted. She had tried the 2nd option for a while - for a long time. But it hurt underneath, because that armor stabbed her in the back whenever she tried to move. Livia felt like little more than a ghost, floating, drifting back and forth. She was a memory to her own soul.

A bandage tapped with medical tape to Livia’s forehead (where she had smacked her face against a door earlier in the day, Livia leaned her back against the cool marble wall of the Athena cabin. It was cold, and Livia’s body continuously told her to get a sweatshirt, or anything to go over her tank top and jeans (an outfit Livia barely ever wore, only for training, which she wasn’t going to do anymore). Livia could feel the cool marble seeping into her back, and the wind slashing at her black eye, but she didn’t care. Livia closed her eyes, wishing she was somewhere else. Wishing she was someone else.

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: I stumble then I crawl {Moonie}   Sat Feb 22, 2014 7:55 pm

faye lynn mcjean

Ever since her latest conversation with James, the girl wasn't sure how she felt about people. His reappearance reminded her of a terrible truth; the people she loved could be taken away from her in the blink of an eye. She had to make sure every moment counted. Then again, she hadn't spent much time with people to cherish them. Faye spent more time training then she would like to admit, and hadn't actually had a meaningful conversation in a long time. It seemed like a waste of a gifted life, but it was the only thing she could think about doing right now. Recovering from the nightmares she slept with were proving more difficult than she had imagined.

Needless to say, the demigod was thankful that Quell was in charge of cabin six now. They needed a sane head to control them these days, now more than ever before. The cabin had shrunk in recent events, but they still remained as strong as ever. At least, that's what Faye told herself. She was still strong. She wasn't broken. She was an Athenian, and she could do anything.

Walking into the living room of the cabin, Faye noticed a certain figure lying against the cold wall, wearing minimal clothing. Sighing, she ran into her room to get a blanket so she could attempt to comfort the girl. Hopefully she could empathize with Liv, somehow. The demigod liked to think that she had things in common with people, and could understand what they were going through. Then again, ever since the ZA, Faye had trouble talking about much of anything.

Returning with a blanket, the girl sunk down next to her sibling, placing the blanket over the both of them. "Hey," she whispered softly, eye flicking to the bandage over Liv's face. She brushed some hair out of the girl's face slowly, like her movements would cause her friend to shatter into tiny pieces of Livia. "What's on your mind?"
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I stumble then I crawl {Moonie}
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