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 apollo cabin count

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PostSubject: apollo cabin count    Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:54 pm

Apollo's Cabin Count

Set on a side table, near the front of the living room, a bright piece of card stock lay untouched by any campers. Beside the paper, three pens, straight and fresh from their box, were positioned parallel against the grain of the wood. Lines were scripted along the card stock, with a few brief instructions written across the top by the newly appointed cabin leader.

"Write your name, age, and weapon of choice on this list,"

- Quinn Taylors

[code]first name middle initial last name; age, weapon[/code]

please use lowercase when filling out the code.

a - e
poppy e. ballantyne; sixteen, bow and arrow
jack c. byrne; sixteen, bow and arrow
f - j
first name middle initial last name; age, weapon
first name middle initial last name; age, weapon
k - o
carter j. lewis; sixteen, bow and arrow
cecilia r. lewis; sixteen, daggers
rave g. lynn-rossi; seventeen, crossbow and arrows
julio z. martinez; seventeen, celestial bronze sword
ellie r. mills; twelve, bow and arrow
p - t
ashley k. penn; sixteen, dagger
quinn a. taylors; seventeen, bow and arrow
autumn h. steele; eighteen, no weapon
u - z
first name middle initial last name; age, weapon
first name middle initial last name; age, weapon
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PostSubject: Re: apollo cabin count    Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:54 pm

harmony m. smith; 18, bow and arrow
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apollo cabin count
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