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 The Idea Box

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PostSubject: The Idea Box   Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:03 pm


The Idea box is a light grey box with the words "Cabin 2's Idea Box" scrawled across the top neatly. It's rather large, given that it's standing on a table outside Kalina's bedroom, and sheets of paper are neatly cut and placed in a pile beside it. A black ball point rests right in front of the box, tempting you to write... but first you must read the sheet handwritten by Kalina hung above it.

"The Idea Box is a place where you, the Hera Campers, may write down and send your ideas to me in a direct way. I check once every day, in the evening before I go to sleep, and take all the sheets which have been placed in throughout the day out. You may propose event ideas, inter-cabin ideas (Which I will bring up during the Cabin Leader Meetings), rooms, etc. Some will obviously not happen, however, others will."

Please use the provided code to propose your idea with.

[size=11][b]Camper Name:[/b]
[b]Run Through:[/b]
[b]How Will It Benefit The Cabin?:[/b][/size]

Current Considered Ideas:

Idea #1:

Idea #2:

Idea #3:
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The Idea Box
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