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 i can't remember to forget you [private]

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PostSubject: i can't remember to forget you [private]   Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:30 am

i just ran out of band aids
don't even know where to start Cause you can bandage the damage

Aphrodite appeared on Calypso's island with plenty of suitcases. They will filled with things like makeup, hair supplies, and clothing. She smiled. She was going to give Calypso a makeover. She felt bad for the girl, she never got to go shopping and if she ran out of makeup she couldn't go buy some more. But Aphrodite was also jealous of her.  Who
wouldn't love cute boys coming to her island needing help?

Aphrodite walked along the shore looking for Calypso, with her suitcases trailing behind. "Calypso! Calypso, where are you?" She called looking for the girl. She sighed and walked into her cave. The invisible hands helped her carry her suitcases into the cave. She shivered. Those invisible hands always creeped her out. She did like how they did whatever you asked. "She's probably in that garden of hers. Calypso, always working. At least she won't get fat." She said shrugging. She changed out of her shoes into flip flops to make it easier to walk. She out of the cave towards the girl's garden.

Whenever Aphrodite waked into Calypso's garden, she was always amazed by the flowers. They were always so pretty. She wished they had a garden like this at Mount Olympus. She would have to ask Demeter of course, and she wouldn't turn the job down.

Aphrodite finally found her. "Calypso!" She exclaimed, hugging her. "Enough working. We're giving you a makeup. Doesn't that sound fun?" She asked smiling. "It's not like you have a choice anyway." She said, and shrugged.

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i can't remember to forget you [private]
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