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 Xavier Lee "Son of Hermes"

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PostSubject: Xavier Lee "Son of Hermes"   Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:58 pm

birth certificate

Name: Xavier Lee
Nicknames: X
Age: 14
Place of Birth: Washington DC
Godly Parent:Hermes
Mortal Family: Xalia Lee (Deceased)
Claimed or Unclaimed: Uncliamed

* camp life

Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year round
Years at Camp: None
History: Xavier is a very interesting individual. He remembers the first time he was found in trouble very well. It was around fourth grade when his class took a trip to a museum. He was supposed to stay with the rest of the group but went over to the bones of a dinosaur. It was some type of raptor but what was strange is that one of the "bones" was metal and pointy. So he grab it and the whole Dino fell down. The security guard rushed over and starting asking a bunch of questions like why and what possessed you to do this. The guard his teacher the students all started yelling at him and all the while he kept trying to tell them that he wasn't holding a bone he was holding a sword. No one believed him and he was then kicked out of school. We could go down a list of similar encounters but we won't. Lets just say from all of the occurring situations he knew that there was something different about him. Xavier is now in an alternative school for orphans because his mother died in a car accident . He has no friends there except for a guy named Nicholas Safrit. Nicholas has super long hair and is at the school for being a distraction at regular school. See Nicholas has Tourette's. He will often make bleating noises when he gets Nervous or scared. So both of them having no friends eventually brought them together and they've been the best of friends ever since. As for Xavier's dad he doesn't remember meeting him although his mom insists that his father was there for a small portion of Xavier's life. His mom always tells him that his father was a very important man but never told him what it was exactly that he did. The only thing that Xavier ever had from his father was a letter sent from a placed called Half-blood Hill. On the outside we're instructions not to open until his twelfth birthday. When he did he found instructions on how to find the new "camp" he would be going to. Apparently Nicholas had met Xavier's father before because it said that Nicholas would help Xavier get there. On the bottom of the letter was the one thing that he has always wanted to hear from his "father". 'I love you'. After leaving his house he decided that he wouldn’t go to this camp and lived by himself for two years.

* the psyche

Personality: Xavier is classified as scene t his alternative school. He listens to hardcore and indie rock. He loves music and knows how to play many instruments. He loves to run. It is one of his favorite things before he was kicked out of school he was on the cross country team. He is not very strong. Hes not that smart either. at school he earns solid C-s .He is a social introvert. This is why he was diagnosed with severe social anxiety. He is also diagnosed with ADD and as a result He is very reckless when it comes to choices. He doesn't like to think things through he just follows his gut. This has caused him to get into trouble many times. His greatest strength is stealth and distraction. He is an expert pickpocket and his mastering of the art of distraction has made him a great magician.
Fatal Flaw: His fatal flaw however, is Curiosity. If someone tells Xavier not to do something, his first instinct is to do the opposite. This would explain the number of occasions that Xavier has found himself in trouble.
Likes: Rock Music, Stamp-Collecting, and Magic Tricks
Dislikes: Preps, Swimming, and Sports

* the appearance

Physical Description: Xavier is tall for his age. He is currently Six foot one and weighs 150 lbs. He is a lightskinned individual with coal black eyes. His hair color is a dark brown with streaks of black on the sides. His body type would be described as slender. He has gauges in his ears sized approximately at 1/2 an inch.
Dressing Style: He is normally seen Wearing a black leather jacket over all of his shirts.

* the defensive system

Demigod Talents: Stealing, Distractions/Magic Tricks
Weapons: A Box cutter that when the black clip is slid upwards, It transforms into the same sword Hermes gave Perseus (Adamantine Or Unbreakable when translated to English)
Pets: A Pet Raccoon named Thief.

* the puppet master
(for new members only)

Name/Alias: Xavier Lee
Interests: Reading, Music, and RPGs
How you found this site: Bing nah just kidding it was google
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PostSubject: Re: Xavier Lee "Son of Hermes"   Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:17 pm

Xavier Lee is accepted
Happy Roleplaying!
Nice job!

steal your freedom
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Xavier Lee "Son of Hermes"
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