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 flying toaster's characters (RFA)

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PostSubject: flying toaster's characters (RFA)   Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:14 pm

Name: Lucia Rossi

Age/Birthday: 11/December 12

Gender: Girl

Godly Parent: Nemesis, goddess of revenge and balance

Claimed: No

Mortal Family: John Rossi(Father), Bella Rossi(Step-mother), Rave Lynn-Rossi(older step-brother)

Years in Camp: One

Brief History: Lucia Rossi was born to John Rossi, a lawyer who is still bitter to a co-worker he once worked with. She lived in California with just him until when she turned six years old. John had married his girlfriend, Bell Rossi(née Lynn) who was a single mom to Lucia's step-brother, Rave. Lucia then started school a few months after the marriage. The teachers noticed that she never really paid attention in class, was hyper and had a hard time in reading and math; Lucia was then diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. Even though she was diagnosed with two things that would make learning harder, she had a lot of friends. Bella worked at Lucia's school as a fourth-grade teacher, and because of this, she helped her step-daughter with reading and math and soon Lucia became second top in her class. One day in fifth-grade, Lucia's close friend, Forrest the satyr, decided to break it to her. She was a demigod, daughter of one of the Greek gods. Lucia didn't believe it at first, but after tons of proving points and reasoning, she and Forrest told her family the news and she got packed for Camp Half-Blood.

Physical Appearance: Lucia looks a lot like her aunt on her father's side, having a pale, porcelain skin, long, auburn hair and golden-brown eyes. She is very petite, being 4'10", with big round eyes, round face and button nose, which, sadly, gave people the idea that she was a seven year old. Lucia has a small and slim build, and many would and do compare her to a porcelain doll. Because of her hight, training can be more exhausting than it should be, which is what she thinks.

Personality: Lucia's personality could be compared to honey; sweet and everyone wanting some. She is also very gullible, making her have a hard time against some monsters when they disguise themselves. Lucia is also very stubborn and very independent, so if you try to help her or try to reason with her, you're going to have a hard time. She's also a social butterfly and loves making friends. Many find her easy-going and hard to anger. Once, a few of Hermes' kids tried to play a prank with her. They succeeded, but they didn't get the reaction they wanted; Lucia just shrugged her shoulders, went to the Hermes Cabin counselor and smoothly lied that the kids were harassing her. The kids soon learned that she was a good liar, and they admired that, but because of it they got some time with Mr.D.

Fatal Flaw: Lucia's gullible-ness is her fatal flaw. If monsters ever disguised themselves as a nice, old lady or a energetic business man, she would easily fall for their trap and fellow demigods would have to save her.

Pets: She has a turtle named Ivan, but for some reason, some other demigods think he has some relation to Hades...

Talents: Lucia is a very good lawyer when it comes to her mother's side. She also can grant people some good luck, but only if they have enough bad luck. Lucia is also a great liar and is good at Capture the Flag.

Weapons: She has a stack of throwing Celestial Bronze knifes that are usually strapped on her back like a bow.

Year-Round or Summer: Summer

Other: Her older step-brother, who's at least six years older than her, is also a demigod, the son of Apollo.

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PostSubject: Re: flying toaster's characters (RFA)   Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:14 pm

-------Lucia Rossi is,


Aww what a cutie----------

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PostSubject: Re: flying toaster's characters (RFA)   Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:23 pm

Name: Rave Lynn-Rossi

Age/Birthday: 17/July 27

Gender: Dude

Godly Parent: Apollo, god of the sun, poetry, music and plague

Claimed: Yep

Mortal Family: Bell Rossi(mom), John Rossi(step-dad), Lucia Rossi(step-sister)

Years in camp: 5

Brief History: Born in sunny Florida by Bell Lynn, a former poet and guitarist, and Apollo, Rave has always had a talent in the arts, may it be instruments, poetry or singing. He mastered violin, piano, tuba, and a crapload of other instruments when he was around seven, and made pieces of art that made some of his art teachers jealous. When he was in 1st grade, he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, making some kids tease him of being dumb and that didn't really make any friends. Weird occurrences happened around him too, like weird people staring intently at him, weird people with evil grins on their faces, pretty much anything to do with weird people. They moved to California after ten years of living in Florida. Rave's mom then met a lawyer, John Rossi, when he was 11,after an incident that made his gym teacher get injured and Rave was blamed for it. Because of John, they weren't sued and soon Bell and John started going out, and Rave met Lucia, a five year old at the time. Bell and John married a year later, and Rave got new family, John and Lucia. After the marriage ceremony, a close friend of Rave's told him the truth about Greek gods and myths. Rave didn't believe it at first, but when the friend showed him his legs, Rave was totally freaking out and trekked to Camp Half-Blood(Don't worry, he told his mom first.)

Physical Appearance: Rave is like a mix between his mom and dad, having the same sandy hair but a bit darker, like his dad, and the same sun-kissed skin and icey-blue eyes as Bell. He has this "outdoorsy" look to him, and an everlasting grin on his face. He's within average range of height for his age, being 5'8.5". He has a swimmer's build, but no muscles really show yet(he's working on it). Because of his looks, a lot of mortal girls and a few guys has fallen for him.

Personality: Rave has always had a sunny outlook on life, even after he found out his real father left him and Bell. Rave's a really bad liar, because his father is also the god of truth, so he can't tell a lie for it will make him very flustered. He really likes making jokes, and tries to be a comedian, but he usually fails at this. He can sometimes be categorized as arrogant and cocky, but this is mostly because he usually says, "The awesome me is here!" and calls people either awesome, or un-awesome. He usually does this so he feels better about himself, for he doesn't have a lot of self-confidence, though Rave doesn't usually show it. There are some days where his confidence is really low that he refrains from speaking, and his sunny aura isn't there anymore.

Fatal Flaw: Rave's lack of self-confidence is his fatal flaw. He believes that he can't do much, and usually prefers to let others do the work, and someday this could lead to his downfall. His fatal flaw also had him go to therapy, and this is why he usually says he's so awesome.

Pets: He kinda shares that turtle, Ivan, with Lucia, but he swears it's a mini demon out to get him.

Talents: Rave has the power to learn any instrument within a short time, usually a week to a month. He also has the power to heal people by singing a special song to his father in Ancient Greek, but he can only do this three times before he gets completely drained, which is why he only heals in battles. He can only heal things like cuts and burns, not anything big like a broken bone or an illness. Rave is also very good with long-range weapons, such as crossbows and bows, which makes him very good in archery.

Weapons: He has a crossbow with enchanted Celestial Bronze arrows.

Year-round or summer: Summer

Other: His younger step-sister, Lucia, younger by six years, is the unclaimed daughter of Nemesis.

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PostSubject: Re: flying toaster's characters (RFA)   Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:45 pm

Rave Lynn-Rossi is accepted
Happy Roleplaying!
Thanks for fixing it!

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PostSubject: Re: flying toaster's characters (RFA)   

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flying toaster's characters (RFA)
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