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 falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)

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PostSubject: falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)   Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:58 am

Devin, son of Hermes

Devin cracks his knuckles and stares at the top of the climbing wall. "Today is going to be easy." He thinks as he smiles to himself. He ruffles his chestnut hair and grips the first rock. He swings up onto the second one. Steadily, he works his way higher and higher up the wall. The sun beats down onto him and sweat works its from his muscular back to under his hands. Devin reaches for the next rock, and his hand misses.

The smooth sweat had moistened his hands so that when he reached for the next rock, it slides off. Grinding his teeth, he roughly wipes his hand on his shirt. He looks down. Too far up to go back down. Clumsily, he switches hands and wipes that one too. Devin closed his eyes.

"Don't be wimp now. Naren will never stop making fun of you."
His grayish green eyes focused on the top and he whispered to himself. "Just go already. He hear's a girl's voice behind him say something, and looks down, embarrassed to see who heard him talking to himself.

opp: so maybe crystal meets him and he's blocking her? or naren makes fun of him?

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PostSubject: Re: falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)   Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:15 am

crystal frost
the cold burns, sears brighter than you'll ever smolder
Crystal stood before the full climbing wall, waiting for her turn, eyes narrowed in the bright afternoon. The pale blue sky was relatively clear, apart from the occasional bleached cloud. Sunshine filled the campus - something that a large part of the country was not privileged to. They were trapped in a frigid winter still. Not that Crystal minded either place, but it never snowed in camp unless Mr D. wanted it to, and sometimes she didn't agree with Mr D.'s weather choices.

The daughter of Khione might've turned the temperature down herself, but she enjoyed a sunny day as much as the next person. The heat had no effect on her personal body temperature as she constantly supplied cold to the air around her.

She looked up at the dusty wall, wondering what was taking so long. Trying to identify the climber, she took a few steps back. It was Devin Langston, one of the many kids in the Hermes' cabin. He seemed to have paused, talking to himself. Crystal had seen loads of campers do that while climbing the wall and never understood it. The less time they spend hesitating, the quicker they'd get off.

Staring up at the non-moving figure, Crystal called up matter-of-factly, "Good grief, just go already."

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PostSubject: Re: falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)   Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:31 pm


Naren stood poised at the bottom of the rock wall, waiting for Devin to just get over his fears and go up the wall already. While Naren was mischievous, she definitely had a cruel streak, although the girl tried hard to hide it. Naren supposed she got it from her mother, or maybe the aloofness of her father, although she had at least met her father and he was nothing like she’d expected. Kind and rather funny, that was not what Naren expected from a god. Well he interacted with a lot of people quite frequently, so she wasn’t that surprised that he was so down to earth. Compared to the other gods, Hermes acted like a human mail carrier, a very confident mail carrier at that.
And her mom... Well Naren knew nothing about her mom. Come to think about it, she didn’t even know if her last name was actually Black. She had asked Chiron many times, but eventually concluded that he knew as little as she did.

Her harness already strapped on, Naren resisted the urge to tell Devin to hurry up, because she was dying to get on the wall. As someone who hadn’t been on the wall in weeks - since the ZA, actually, Naren was itching to get her hands on the rock. Although she knew that it wasn’t too well used, as most campers didn’t have time to do stuff like this. They were all still moping about, crying about the dumb zombies. Naren, having grown up around this kind of stuff, was unfazed by this experience, and only saw it as training. She didn’t realize what high stakes there were to these things. They were just silly little games. After 13 years at camp, Naren had never been on a quest, and everything in camp, even real monsters, seemed to be training for Naren, for the real world.

Weather she would be prepared for that or not, Naren didn’t know, but she trained her best, killed zombies and training dummies and beat the crap out of the other team in capture the flag, one of the things that Naren was most proud about. She might look small and weak, but Naren was certainly far from that. Having lived in camp her whole life, Naren was a lot more experienced than most other campers. But she was going to quickly lose that strength if she didn’t train. ”I’d like to get on the wall sometime today Devin, so if you’d kindly hurry up.” Naren called, her tone light and playful and a grin spread across her face. They needed more light and playful in this camp. Everyone seemed to be so serious and sad here. There was another girl, who had already beaten Naren to the wall and called out to Devin first, and Naren was grateful for that. She vaguely recognised her as Crystal, a daughter of Khione? Naren couldn’t quite remember, it was difficult to know a lot of the campers immediately. Her memory certainly wasn’t up to par.

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PostSubject: Re: falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)   Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:31 pm

Devin, son of Hermes

Devin looked down. Staring up at him was a very, very pretty girl. Struggling to maintain an air of coolness, He listened as she, very sassily, asked for him to move. Then he heard Naren's voice joining in from the bottom of the wall. He remembered the pretty girl's name- Crystal. Daughter of Khione. For the first time in forever- Devin was flustered. Hoping he wasn't blushing, he hurriedly climbed further up the wall, unable to string together comeback. He reached for another rock- and paused to gaze down gain at Crystal, who really was quite good-looking. Devin reached up again only to grope the air- he had reached the top of the wall. He swung himself up, and gazed fondly for a second at the view.

A warm, gentle breeze played with his hair. The thick smell of strawberries wafted through the clear, sunny air. Devin saw his friends, laughing with some girls down at the lake. He saw kids holding hands and walking through the woods. He could see Caleb grooming his pegasus down by the stables. He loved it here. All the sudden, he remembered the girl from the climbing wall. Devin ruffled his hair, checked his breath, and turned around to see if she had finished yet.

occ: ok summer they can like flirt and meet and stuff now lol. beanie- naren can come and just kind of break it up awkwardly
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PostSubject: Re: falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)   

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falling for you (BEANIE AND SUMMER)(private)
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