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 Party at Anttu's (aka my charries)

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PostSubject: Party at Anttu's (aka my charries)   Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:33 pm

Name: Kathryn Jones
Age/Birthday: Sixteen, 20th August
Gender: Female
God Parent: Eris
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Michael Jones (father), Cecily Jones (stepmother)
Years in Camp: Four.

Brief History: Kathryn’s childhood was a good one, she had been a happy and kind child. Sure, there had been some weird incidents, and people always seemed to fight around her. Her dad and his girlfriend Nina included, a lot. But what did it matter? She had a kind father whom she loved more than anything. The year she turned twelve she had her first real monster attack, which she miraculously survived without even knowing how. Or so she thought before her dad hurriedly dropped her off at Camp Half-Blood and she learnt that it was programmed in her DNA how to do it. Kathryn liked Camp, but she did miss her dad from time to time. When the end of summer came around she was exited to get to see her dad again. Except she didn’t, she only got a letter explaining that Nina and him hadn’t fought almost at all during the summer. That he thought she should stay at camp, that it was safer. That she was a burden and unwanted.

Physical Appearance: Kathryn is short, 5’1” (155 cm). She’s slim with slightly toned muscles and gentle curves. Her skin is tan and blemish-free, which combined with her heart-shaped face and big, brown eyes give her the classification “cute”. She keeps her light brown hair in a bob cut.

Personality: Don’t let her cute appearance fool you; she’s ruthless in getting what she wants, disregarding others fully. She uses her powers over discord and rivalry for her own benefit or just for the fun of it. She’s prone to sarcasm and being over all rude, especially if something hits too close to home. You see, she keeps people at an arm’s length because she’s been hurt by someone she loves and she doesn’t want it to happen again. She’s afraid that anyone she lets in will decide that she’s not worth it.

Fatal Flaw: Fear of abandonment and letting people in. She won’t let people in because of things that have happened in her past, she’s afraid they’ll just leave her. This can be played against her or be used to play her off against others.

Pets: None

Godly Talents: She can instill hatred in others, for the smallest things, which will shortly explode and lead to arguments, fights and in extreme cases even warfare. She can take back the hatred as well so it won’t be left forever, if she doesn’t want it to. There’s always an aura of discord radiating from her, but usually it’s a very small dose and doesn’t lead to anything truly dangerous. But if she concentrates on expanding it and making it stronger she can affect a fairly big area which will soon fall into chaos. Expanding her aura, so to say, takes a lot of energy but it is much more effective than planting a seed of hatred in someone. She can only instill hatred into five people at most at a time, while her aura affects everyone within it.

Weapons: Bow and arrows are what she’s best at using. She’s a fairly good fighter with a sword.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Other: Heterosexual. Face claim is Nicole Gale Anderson.

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PostSubject: Re: Party at Anttu's (aka my charries)   Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:13 pm

kathryn jones
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Party at Anttu's (aka my charries)
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