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 So many pages... (Beanie)

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PostSubject: So many pages... (Beanie)   Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:49 pm

Today was a cold day, but not too bad as cold days go. The ground was covered in snow outside, but the snow had stopped falling some time ago, save for the rare light flurry. Despite the lovely atmosphere, the air was sharply cold, and so many campers had retreated indoors to escape. Unfortunately, the camp was a bit old fashioned, an usually used fire to heat up rooms. There were quite a few campers huddled in the Armoury, but this particular camper had simply brought a black knitted blanket to the Library and commandeered one of the corners to read about ancient Macedonian military tactics. Luckily the book was in Greek, making it much easier for him to read.

Seated in the corner, cozy as a man in the corner could be, he wore a pair of black Chino pants, a simple white button up shirt, a pair of simple black bracers with red pinstripes, and oxblood leather boots. On a nearby chair was hung a black wool overcoat, a bronze owl atop an olive branch pinned to the left side lapel, a pair of leather oxblood gloves peeking out from an inside pocket.

There was a soft jingling as the camper removed lifted his right hand to turn the page, a bronze bookmark held between two fingers, the bronze owl hanging from the curved end swinging back and forth almost in protest of the sudden motion. He seemed quite into the book. And why not?

Solomon had the library to himself.
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So many pages... (Beanie)
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