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 nerd trip --- [ml]

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PostSubject: nerd trip --- [ml]   Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:26 pm

i used to roll the dice
One minute I held the key,
the next the walls were closed on me.
not enough words : outfit
ooc: nerd trip yeah
Faye hadn't left camp in a long time, and she figured it was about time she went out for some fresh air. On her last visit, she got to drive her first ever car home, an impala that her dad had got. It wasn't new, but the idea of bringing her own car home made her giddy, and she was excited. The impala was white, and hadn't shown that much wear, which was surprising due to it's nine year life. The demigod decided to name it, just to add her own touch to the car, despite how many others had likely driven it. She decided to name it Arthur, and had begun filling it with pictures and air fresheners, just like your average teenager would. The car seemed like an anchor to her life before camp started, and everything went crazy. This was something normal, and Faye adored it.

She paced around her room in the cabin, collecting her things for her trip. She planned on going to the bookstore, museum, and anything else she thought was interesting. Carrying mortal money, a few granola bars, a track phone, and some chap stick in her bag, she was almost ready to go. After Faye pulled her sweater over her head, she was about to leave. The demigod was almost to the door when she realized she didn't want to go alone. Sure, she could think when she was alone, but what was the fun in that?

Flicking her grey eyes across the cabin's living room, she found someone. Faye recognized him as Finnegan, a descendant of Athena. "Finnegan!" she called brightly, her mood strangely joyful today. "Wanna go in to the city and visit places with me?" the girl asked, a grin placed on her face.
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nerd trip --- [ml]
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