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 The War Outside Our Door Keeps Raging On [Open]

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PostSubject: The War Outside Our Door Keeps Raging On [Open]   Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:44 pm

Winter Quay never really bothered with the whole 'New Years Eve Party' thing. She found it cliche and overused, and just a rotten excuse for people to drink. So while the party raged on outside the library walls, Winter found herself inside by a crackling fire, warming her chilly bones. Being a daughter of Boreas, you'd think she would hate being warm, but that wasn't the case. Winter enjoyed being both hot and cold, it solely depended on her mood on that day. Today she felt quite homey and nice, so she wore clothing that suited the weather. She really did like her outfit today, for once in her life. Winter had put on a baby blue and black polka dotted sweater with black skinny jeans and light pink converse. And to top it all of, she had a white headband with a snowy bow glued on top that was placed perfectly on her dark brown hair. Winter pushed up the fake nerdy glasses that had previously been drooping on the edge of her nose.

Quay was currently wrapped up in a novel titled 'Paper Towns' by a fabulous author by the name of John Green. She lost herself in Q's world of high school drama and music and clues, and she wished she could be him. She wished she could be anybody in a book, to be honest. Her life was boring, even for demigod standards. Winter didn't go on quests, didn't make friends, and most certainly didn't do anything exciting. Her everyday routine was wake up, eat breakfast, learn about demigod stuff, go eat lunch, nap, eat dinner, go to the library and read, go to bed. It was very normal for her, and Winter liked it that way. She needed normality in her life, and what better way to do it than to control her schedule? She continued reading for a bit, pretending she was with Q as he looked over the Orlando skyline with Margo, who stated that they were all paper people in a paper town. Winter laughed. If anything, Camp was a paper town, because no one knew about it yet it was here, alive and thriving. 

Something outside distracted her momentarily, and Winter looked outside the window, placing her fingertips on the glass. Campers had started to run and shout, some had resorted to shooting arrows. It must be midnight. She thought as she continued to peer out into the dark landscape. Soon however, she realized that they were screaming out of fear, because of the deep, resonating sounds of monster growls and roars and grunts. In shock, Winter flushed some power through her fingers, sending ice crystals to shoot across the window's glass. Her powers were odd, more like a Khione child than anything, certainly not powers for a Boreas kid. Winter thought about going out there and helping, but quickly decided against it. She hated fighting and war and violence. She was back in Orlando in no time. Again, something distracted her a couple minutes later, and Winter Quay peered from the pages of a book to see a person sitting in front of a fire. "You're blocking my light." She mumbled, her tone was more friendly than mean, and Winter smiled.
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The War Outside Our Door Keeps Raging On [Open]
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