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 Teatime Stories

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PostSubject: Teatime Stories   Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:30 am

Name: Solomon Archimedes Song
Nickname: Sol (Pronounced like 'Saul')
Age/Birthday: 16 years
Gender: Male
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Dr. Mycroft Song (Deceased)
Years in Camp: Eight, half his life.

Brief History: Mycroft Song lived his life as he willed, a doctor of Archaeology working by contract in his field, going out to digs or writing papers as was needed to live by. A majority of his time, however, was spent studying historical culture in all forms, including such things as architecture, fashion, and warfare. He took it upon himself to learn and experience these aspects, becoming quite knowledgeable and skilled in ancient crafts and weaponry. A modern man with such talents attracted the attention of the goddess Athena, and the two fell in love. After a time, a child was delivered onto Mycroft's doorstep, a gift from Athena. Mycroft was not entirely sure of how to handle this, having never really planned for such an occasion, but nonetheless took it upon himself to raise a child the goddess of wisdom would be proud of, calling Solomon his little owl.

Solomon grew up learning about different languages, cultures, and skills from the ancient world. An intelligent child, he took to these skills well, even learning to overcome his inherent dyslexia and developing a love of reading. He did fairly well in school, but was far more interested in what he could learn at home from his father or the words of peoples long gone, stored in paper.

As he grew older, though, strange things became to happen. Spiders seemed to around him, even attacking him a few times. Their home was nearly infested more than once. Mycroft became nervous, knowing what this could mean. Shortly after his eighth birthday, Mycroft announced they were going on a trip, after a particularly bad incident. Packing books and supplies, they drove off to a place his father would only call 'camp'. Nearly there, on an empty road, Mycroft began to tell Solomon of his origin. It sounded silly, even to an eight year old's ears, but his father insisted it was the truth.

On the way there, however, things got even weirder. As they drew closer, in the dead of night, Solomon began to see strange shapes off the side of the road. Off to the left, a giant spider ran out from where it was hiding, charging towards the car. Mycroft swerved around it and went off road, driving towards a tree in the distance, the spider right behind them. Near the tree the car stopped. Mycroft gave Solomon his backpack and told him to run, to go past the tree and into the camp, promising he'd see him later. "Goodbye my little owl," He said, right before he drove off. Solomon ran past the tree, his fear of the giant spider driving him onward. Suddenly he heard the car stop, and when he turned around to look, he saw the spider had reached it, joined by other, smaller spiders. There by the tree, he watched the car be torn apart, a sight he would never forget. His fear spurned him to turn away and run, tears streaming down his face, into the camp.

He eventually made his home there, but he would never forget his first night there. His fear turned to hate, and ever since the sight of spiders was enough to bring him to anger.

In the meantime, he trained and lived in Camp Halfblood, building on what his father had begun to teach him.

Physical Appearance: Solomon stands at 6' even, tall and strong for his age, with high, well-formed cheekbones, a defined jaw, and intense stormy grey eyes. He has a wiry, but defined musculature with long and flexible limbs. His has medium length, slightly curly hair that is usually parted or slicked back, partially covering a pair of pierced ears. He also has a growing series of tattoos, mostly hidden beneath his clothing. He has dark circles just under his eyes, something he inherited from his father.

He also took a good deal of fashion sense from his rather, preferring button ups, chinos, bracers, and the occasional tie over the more common jeans and t-shirt, and he loves a good suit. Generally he will opt for boots over sneakers.

Personality: Solomon is calculative and analytic, capable of noticing all the little details in a situation and putting them together into something that makes sense to him. He is overall fairly polite, though quite capable of bringing his sharp wit to bear with a devilish smile when the situation calls for it. He is wise beyond his years, capable of bringing a surprising level of insight forward for someone his age.

He has quite a few sociopathic tendencies, and has trouble making true connections with people. He has his own set of morals, and can fake emotions well enough, but the potential for people to get really close to him and what he really feels is quite limited. For anyone who can get to him, he would fight with the fury of Athena herself.

Fatal Flaw: Hubris. He thinks rather highly of himself and his skills, and is loathe to accept help from others unless he has exhausted his own abilities.

Pets: None
Solomon has been learning historical combat arts since he was young, and took this talent and skill with him to camp. He is skilled with sword, spear, shield, and javelin, but his favorite weapons are knives and daggers, though he keeps this to himself. He has a natural talent with weapons and combat arts in general. He can fight with either hand, but he is better left handed and tends to fight more defensively left-handed. He also is skilled in unarmed combat, with clear Pankration roots, although it's derived from a number of styles. Overall it is quick, offensive, and relies on counter attacks to 'defend.'

He's a pretty good cook, always experimenting with different ingredients. He is skilled in a number of crafts, and takes them up quickly. He often fixes his own damaged clothing and weapons, for example.

Strategy and tactics come quickly and easily to him. His attention to detail and combat skill allow him to more easily predict an opponent's next move, whether in small or large scale.

Stronger and quicker than an ordinary human, particularly in combat. In particular, when fighting in the defense of others or for a just cause, this is boosted. Against spiders of any kind, he can fight with all the righteous fury of Athena herself.

He is extremely intelligent, with a clever mind.

A three foot long celestial bronze sword by the name of Strixes, named after the owl of ill omen. It's blade resembles that of a xiphos that has been stretched and lengthened so that the curves of the blade resemble a feather more than the traditional leaf. The pommel and guard are humble and not very pronounced, and the hilt is wrapped in a supple black leather. It takes the form of an old hook style bronze book mark, an owl perched upon an olive branch hanging from the end. a A gift from Athena for his tenth birthday. It carries a fear enchantment, creating a feeling of ill omen. It is either stored in one of his ever present books, dangling out of a pocket, or tucked into a belt slot if armoured.

A Dory spear, with an oak shaft and celestial bronze tip and weighted butt spike. Ordinary, but his weapon of choice due to it's disposable nature, versatility, and long reach.

A Hoplon shield, wood with a covering of celestial bronze. Polished and buffed so it's smooth and shines. A pair of owl's eyes are inlaid into it in red gold (An alloy of gold and brass). This inlay carries a fear enchantment, creating an aura of ill omen. It takes the form of an elegant bronze pin, a circle with an owl sitting atop an olive branch within. It is usually pinned to an article of clothing, or his belt if he is armoured.

Fairly standard armor, with an owl helmet.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: Teatime Stories   Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:17 pm

accepted :D
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Teatime Stories
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