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 James Blood's characters.

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Lord Sheogorath


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PostSubject: James Blood's characters.   Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:32 pm

Name: Timothy Sherlock Watson

Age: 17

Birthday: May 22

Gender: Male

God Parent: Athena

Claimed: Yes
/all Children of Athena are claimed at birth/

Mortal Family: Dr. Greg Watson

Years in Camp: Four

Brief History: Timothy grew up relatively normal aside from the obvious demigod problems. His father Dr Watson was a skilled world acclaimed famous medical doctor, one of the best in his field. His father was also an avid fan of the Sherlock Holmes books, inspiring Timothy's middle name, Sherlock. This middle name gave some people the habit of calling him Sherlock, something he doesn't like and makes it very clear that he doesn't.

Despite this people will still call him Sherlock anyway.

His father, Doctor Gregory Watson was born in England and immigrated to the United States a few years prior to Tim's birth.

He was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, his father would occasionally give lectures at Harvard University.

His relationship with his father's side of the family was uneasy at times. His grandparents would call him by his middle name Sherlock 89.9997% of the time rather than his first name, Tim/Timothy. However, despite this, Tim got along fine with his grandparents, as his grandparents' teasing is more tolerable than being called Sherlock by others.

Timothy was prone to sneaking into his father's labs to use the equipment for his own investigations and experiments when his junior lab equipment at home wasn't adequate for his research. His father was not very tolerant of this habit but dealt with it anyway as it was the negative consequence of raising a young Sherlock Holmes in the making. On one occasion he had into the labs at Harvard to do a few experiments. His father was certainly angry at him for that and grounded him for a whole four and a half months.

He went to Camp Half-Blood at the age of 14, his father recommending it for the best. The 'normal' world wasn't working out good for Timothy. Well it was and wasn't. Still, he's planning on studying at Harvard University when he's older. His father has said he'd look into it for him. Tim plans on being an detective when he's older, investigating cases involving supernatural creatures or incredible mortal ingenuity or both as he finds both options exciting.

Physical Appearance: Timothy has messy short black hair that is somewhat curly/wavy. He has steel-blue eyes, a trait shared with most Athena campers. His cheekbones are relatively high. His height is around 5ft 11 and 1/2 inches. He is physically well built. He prefers to wear darker colored jeans over shorts or lighter color jeans.

Personality: Timothy is distant and prefers to keep to himself the majority of the time. He is a thinker and an observer. His unusual /antisocial/ behavior usually does not win him over in the way of friends. He's confusing to other people and seen as eccentric and arrogant. His sense of humor is very sarcastic. Do not call him Sherlock Holmes, he'll explode and go on a long-word based rant on how he's not Sherlock Holmes and how his Dad should have never gave him that middle name and his obsession with the books ruin his life even here. However he can be caring to people he considers his friends, which are very very few in number. He's a thrillseeker and reckless.

Fatal Flaw: Arrogance and disregard of people's emotions.

Pets: None

Talents: Timothy is a genius. He has a knack at deducing things and doing logic based things. He's also a relatively fast learner. Even the most trivial details are not safe from deduction.

Weapons: A sword, made out of celestial bronze, he's capable of using it well but practicing is not his favorite hobby.

Year-Round or Summer: Year Round

Owns a laptop
Owns an iPhone 5C
((Kept in his cabin and turned off, except for when he goes out of camp.))

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a. hams
King of Hell

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PostSubject: Re: James Blood's characters.   Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:52 pm

Timothy Watson is Accepted

Happy Roleplaying!

steal your freedom

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Lord Sheogorath


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PostSubject: Re: James Blood's characters.   Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:04 pm

I fixed that..
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PostSubject: Re: James Blood's characters.   

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James Blood's characters.
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