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 i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic

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lara croft
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PostSubject: i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic   Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:19 pm

    i walk a lonely road,
    the only one that i have ever known,
    don't know where it goes,
    but its only me and i walk alone.

    Ebony Knight was happy. Which wasn't unusual, really. She was nearly always happy. A smile on her face, a spring in her step. Impossible to believe she was an Ares demigod, especially if you tried to believe all the stereotypes of the demigods at Camp. You know, the Ares kids are tough and heartless, the Aphrodite kids are all prim and proper and without a brain cell, the Athena kids are all smart with more love for books then anything else. But there were always those few who surprised you- and Ebony was one of them. Gods, she couldn't count the amount of times people had adamantly refused to believe she was an Ares camper.

    So amusing. So incredibly amusing.

    Anyway. None of that really mattered, did it? Tonight was fireworks night! New Years Eve! As soon as the countdown ended, it would be 2014, a brand new year! Lots of new possibilities!

    Okay. So it was possible she might be a little overexcited. Well, that's what happened when she drank two cans of full caffeinated coke before leaving the cabin for the night. And it was definitely gonna be worse later on in the night. Because, you see, Ebony had accessorized perfectly. She'd worn grey cargo pants with plenty of pockets, a jumper saying "Girl on Fire" (She absolutely adored the hunger games.), with awesome black converse which she'd bought for christmas. Then, she'd worn her usual bracelet slash dagger on her right wrist, and an added one on her left wrist which said "Hakuna Matata" (She also adored the Lion King). But, the best thing she'd brought along to the beach had to be her messenger bag, which was stuffed full with an extra dagger (Just in case, ya know) and plenty of cans of coke and sweet things. Yes, this night was gonna be fabulous.

    The only problem she could find? It wasn't with her outfit, it wasn't with the fact that this was gonna be a lonely night she'd more than likely spend on her own. No, the only problem Ebony saw was that she was way too small. She had got a good enough place, had a blanket laid out beside some other people, but she was behind the crowd. The only thing she'd be seeing was the fireworks as soon as they exploded in the air. Humph.

    Still, it didn't stop her smile, and as the final ten minutes before the fireworks ticked down, Ebony turned to one of the people beside her and grinned right at them.

    'These are gonna be so great! You excited too?'

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PostSubject: Re: i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic   Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:07 pm

OOC: Post moved to own topic.

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PostSubject: Re: i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic   Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:26 pm

Thunder, your character has not been accepted yet and therefore you are not allowed to role-play. Please edit your character following Wicked's instructions before you role-play.

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PostSubject: Re: i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic   Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:53 pm

OOC: All sorted now, on with the rolepaly!
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Jason Venti

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PostSubject: Re: i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic   Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:23 pm

Jenny stood among among the crowd as she waited eagerly for the fireworks to begin, smiling to herself. She turned her head, having to some of her hair out of the way. The crowd was a bit too... Hyper. She didn't like how eager they all were or the way that they seemed to be desperate fpr'the entertainment of the night. Which was a rather normal thing to let bother her considering that her dear old daddy was a show magician. Crowds were always like this and she HATED it with a passion. So Jenny began pickingbher way to the back. Kind of lonely inbthe fact that she had nobody dear to her that she be standind with and flirting with tonight. So she stood alone at the back of the crowd.

Jenny looked down to check over her outfit tonight. She was wearing a tank top with The King on the front, sitting in his throne of skulls. (Avenged Sevenfold was her life okay?) Over her tank top she had on a black coat with fur lining the collar and ends of the sleeves, which she left open so everybody could bask in the glory of the king and see her amazingly cute coat. Both of these had no'mud or tears or anything so she was happy. She reached down to smooth out her shirt as her fingers ran over the spikes in her belt, which were actually'her knives ready to pop out if she had to fight anything. No sense being unprepared. She looked at her black skinny jeans, which were tattered and torn a bit at the knees, but by style. Her jeans were tucked into the black combat boots that she LOVED to wear everywhere she went. Confident that her clothes were not ruined, Jenny turned her attention to the sky once again. She absentmindedly played with her silver deathbat necklace. Running her finger over it and looking at the rubies it had for eyes. Jenny had used some of the money she took from her dad when she left to buy it as a christmas gift. Jenny let out an audible sigh as she looked towards the sky yet again, she had tried her hardest to look cute tonight to draw some looks but aboslutely nobody bothered a glance her way. She even wore some mascara to bring out her eyes. Yet no looks, or even anybody she thought of as a friend to drop by and say hi. A few of them even directly snubbed her. Jenny pushed down the feeling of loneliness as she stood alone.

The girl looked at her feet and found a small pebble. She picked it up before tossing it up into the air and catching it with her Telekinesis (Well magic ability but it looked like telekinsis so she called it that). Gods she loved being able to use magic. She began playing with the pebble by tossing it around and catching it with her abilities. Soon after she began, Jenny noticed a person next to her. A small girl with a jumper saying 'Girl on Fire'. Jenny had never noticed the girl standing there. And of course as the endlessly brave person Jenny was, she yelped loudly in surprise and ever so gracefully hitherself in the face with the pebble. The girl's face flushed bright red from embarrassement as she looked at the girl. "Uhm... Hi, sorry about... That. I didn't notice you there. My name's Jenny, what is yours?" Jenny askes in a desperate attempt to un-embarass herself.
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PostSubject: Re: i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic   

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i'm still alive, and i walk alone--- open topic
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