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 les enfants [pinkgirl]

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PostSubject: les enfants [pinkgirl]   Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:19 pm

Lucifer Dalton Mercer

it'd been a while since lu had been to the beach. a while since he'd really been outside of the infirmary. he'd been taking his job very seriously. he'd thrown himself into his work after the zombie war that had happened at camp. how many months had it been since the war? at least two. lu hadn't really been keep track. the only thing he was keeping track of was how many more days until he was allowed to leave camp. the day he turned 19, he was outta there.
he wasn't sure why he hadn't left when he was 18. maybe it was because he was full of hope and scared of the real world. when lu had just turned 18, he was scared of the real world because it was full of monsters and he wouldn't be protected. but now all that had gone to shit. now he realized that he wasn't safe anywhere and that putting all his hope into one place was a bad idea.
lu let out a sigh and kicked a small stone into the ocean. the waves were gray and choppy today, just like the weather. it hadn't really been snowing much at camp. just your average flurries here and there but nothing much more. it'd been a disappointing winter so far. nothing really exciting happening at camp. there had been a winter festival as usual but lucifer had found that to be even a little boring for his taste. everything was boring now compared to the attack two months ago.
giving into his temptation, lu pulled out a cigarette from his back pocket and a lighter and lit up, taking a long drag off the rolled cancer. that's all a cigarette really was anyways, rolled cancer. and he knew  it. he figured maybe he'd die early. as he puffed on the cigarette, he stared out into the ocean just watching the water splash up and how the waves rose up and then fell down together. he couldn't help but find the whole thing to be a metaphor for life.
when that thought struck him, lu couldn't help but laugh. he was being awfully depressing and deep today. it was bullshit. he needed to get a little adrenaline pumping in his veins.
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PostSubject: Re: les enfants [pinkgirl]   Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:10 pm

we'll be raising our hands
shining up to the sky

It felt weird to be at the beach. Cassidy hadn't gone anywhere much anymore. She had attempted to try to go back to the infirmary, but she just couldn't. No matter how many times she had tried. She had even tried to go to the arts and crafts shack her other favorite place, but she could barely walk there without turning around and going back to cabin two. She sighed. If only things would go back the way they were. It would've been easier. Not so many people would have died and she would be able to do things she love. She would be able to go the infirmary. She would be able o go to the Mess Hall. The possibilities were endless, but she knew she couldn't reverse time. Even if she could, what could she have done?

Cassidy continued walking along the shore. She wondered where her dad was right now. How was he anyway? She hadn't seen him for a while now, but she didn't want to see him now. Not in the state she was in. She still missed her foster sister. She didn't even know how old she was right now. She didn't care, but it just felt weird not seeing her family. She used to be able to see them everyday. Now she couldn't even call them. Cassidy looked up and saw a boy doing the same as her. He looked familiar. Where had she seen him before? "Are you from infirmary?" She called out to him.

Cassidy Adelaide Ashton
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les enfants [pinkgirl]
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