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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 вσσкѕ вσσкѕ, αи∂ мσяє вσσкѕ! (נєѕѕ)

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PostSubject: вσσкѕ вσσкѕ, αи∂ мσяє вσσкѕ! (נєѕѕ)   Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:08 pm

Adelaide Bennington~ daughter of Eros
Don't go chasing waterfalls
please stick to the rivers and the lakes that your used to

Adel didn't have time to do anything else but read. She loved reading, well not really. She just read so she can go into her won little world in the book. She picked out a book she has read before. why? Because it was one of her favorite books. It was a book about the Gods and Goddess. It wasn't really a book it was more of who they were and what they did. She liked it because she got to know more about them and even her dad.

She kept her eyes down on the book and sat down. She didn't realize she was sitting next to someone. She kept reading and she was on the tenth page already. She kept reading and stopped. She was actually getting bored form this book. she walked over to a bookshelf and put it back. She sat back down seeing she was sitting by someone. "if you don't mind me asking. Do you know a good book?" Why on earth would she ask that question? Only she would ask a question like that.

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PostSubject: Re: вσσкѕ вσσкѕ, αи∂ мσяє вσσкѕ! (נєѕѕ)   Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:11 pm

Zinah Grace Bayer didn't know what brought her to the library. She usually liked going to places where she was able to socialize as much as she looked. Usually at libraries, you had to be quiet. Not only that, but Zinah obviously didn't read much, seeing as she had Dyslexia. Despite all this, she found herself opening the door to the library, and she was taken aback.

The library would look like Elysium for anyone who loved reading. Zinah noted that most people at Camp, however, didn't like reading for the same reason she did. Her Dyslexia. Zinah roamed through the aisles hoping to find something that looked like it would be an easy read. Dissatisfied Zinah grabbed a random book from the shelf and sat down at one of the tables, opened it up and stared, confused, at the first page. It was extremely difficult to decipher the words on the page.

A girl sat next to her and eventually asked her if she knew any good books. Zinah know good books? Ha! By the looks of it the girl looked like she could be a daughter of Athena. Zinah knew she shouldn't stereotype like she was doing, but she couldn't help it sometimes. Zinah said, "Um. No. I'm actually surprised I'm even here. I don't usually read, in fact, this just looks like a bunch of letters stuck next to each other in a random order." Zinah sighed, "I'm Zinah, by the way. Zinah Bayer, daughter of Terpsichore."

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вσσкѕ вσσкѕ, αи∂ мσяє вσσкѕ! (נєѕѕ)
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