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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 dσєs shσppíng cσunt αs α dαtє? (pínk)

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PostSubject: dσєs shσppíng cσunt αs α dαtє? (pínk)   Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:27 pm

Zachariah Kane - son of Mnemosyne
Oh no, did I get too close
Oh, did I almost see What's really on the inside?

Zach walked back to Cassidy and smiled "I am ready. The real question is are you ready to fight for clothes you want?" he laughed. It was after Christmas, so obviously some things went on sale. He grabbed his wallet and saw he had about one hundred and ten dollars. He was saving up to when he wants to go shopping. "Hope you have enough money. Maybe after shopping we can go get something to eat?" He asked.

He grabbed her hand and started to walk "So where should we go. A mall or do you have a specific place you want to go to?" he asked. He realized that he was still holding her hand. He let go and blushed a bit he smiled at her. "I have an amazing place to eat after. My grandma always took me there." He kept walking and stopped at the exit also the entrance to the camp. He looked at took her hand again and walked through it. He then started to walk and saw the sidewalk. He stood there still holding her hand and let go. "So where to Cassidy?" He asked.

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dσєs shσppíng cσunt αs α dαtє? (pínk)
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