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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 вαd dαч huh? (вєαn!)

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PostSubject: вαd dαч huh? (вєαn!)   Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:27 pm

Andra Evans ~ Daughter of Ares
I can feel you all around me
Holding onto what I'm feeling

Andra's hair looked like she had woken up and she just used her hand. She got dressed in the usual, some black skinny jeans. Her black combat boots and a leather jacket. She always wore a black or grey shirt under it.  Is has her so called bracelet on. She always perfered it as Moonlight and a girl. Her dark blue eyes made her stand out by the bonfire when she looked into the fire. Ashes fell on her face which she had to clean off. Then on her hair. But she was thinking of something else.

She was thinking about her mother that was in a coma still. It's been about four years and she still won't wake up. Walking over to another spot because the spot she was at was where the smoke was. He dark blue eyes stood out when she looked at the fire. "Want some hot chocolate?" She nodded yes. Might as well do something while your here right? It's been three years, and how come all of the sudden she is wondering so much? Was it because her brother was talking to her mom and he was reminding her of mom.

She grabbed a bag of marshmallows and was trying to open them. "Curse this plastic bag." she said her french accent showing. She then teared up the stupid bag and marshmallows went flying. People around them started laughing. She realized they only hit the boy to her. She looked and smiled "Sorry. I didn't mean to they just flew everywhere." she looked around seeing then only flew on him. She smiled nervously this time. She stood up and moved. She adjusted her "bracelet" because it started to move without her command.

She was waiting for her hot chocolate. Until they called her over. She walked over to go get it in a mug. That was weird. She grabbed the cup "Shit!" she dropped her mug. She was mad they didn't say anything until. "Oh yeah the mug is really hot." she glared at them. She went for the mug seeing hit chocolate on the same boy she has spilled the marshmallows on. "Oh Gods. Let me help." one of the guys gave her a towel. She started to clean his shirt. "What the Hades!" she saw the towel had black ink on it.

She stood up throwing it at the guys who had given it to her. She went back to the boy "I am so sorry! I would never do this on purpose. I'm not that kind of person." he French accent strong. It usually became strong when nervous, angry, or even when she was crying. Right now she was angry and nervous about his reaction.

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вαd dαч huh? (вєαn!)
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