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PostSubject: popular [private]   Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:35 am

tiffany powell,
Tiffany sat at her own table in the mess hall in order to avoid questions she didn't know the answer to. As of late, her love life had become one of the hottest pieces of gossip at camp, and with the popularity came the 'fans' of sorts. The prying paparazzi. The judgemental looks she received if she so much as looked in the direction of a boy. Any one that wasn't Zander, her ex boyfriend who had recently arrived back at camp, had been defined as off limits to Tiffany by what seemed like the entire camp. For whatever reason, the demigods bored enough with their lives to keep up to date with other's had latched onto Tiff's story.

Tiffany wasn't uncomfortable with the attention, but with everything around her buzzing, she hadn't found time to figure out her own opinion on the Zander issue, and she didn't feel ready to answery any sort of quandries on the matter yet. She didn't usually need time to think anything over, Tiffany was usually pretty spontaneous, but for whatever reason, the blue haired son of Apollo meant too much to her to mess up.

Shoving spoonfuls of frosted flakes into her mouth rather unattractively, Tiffany reached for her milk with looking and managed to knock it over. Jumping up and dropping her spoon, the graceful girl still managed to make a scene because of the small squeak she had let out when the milk started dripping into her lap. Sighing awkwardly, Tiffany ran a hand over her Christmas sweater, and then her pajama pants, confirming that she had indeed wound up with most of the milk carton soaking through her plaid pants. "Way to stay out of the eye of the public, Tiff," Tiffany mumbled to herself exasperatedly, shaking her head as she stalked over to the napkins. "You'd make a grade A celebrity." After grabbing fist fills of napkins and viciously trying to scrub the milk away, Tiffany realized she was horrible at trying to clean herself. She leaned against the neareset table and cleared her throat.

"Does anyone here know how to get milk out of pants?"
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PostSubject: Re: popular [private]   Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:35 am

Gods, Robin was just so bored.

It was one of days, you know? Hard to believe that just last week she'd been spazzing about the winter festivities. That just last month, she'd been psyched to perfect her archery aim. Today, she didn't feel like doing any of those things. They were so... repetitive. And boring. Robin couldn't totally blame herself though. ADHD sucked. She wanted to try something new for a change.

Yet here she was, stuck in the mess hall, nibbling on an apple. Fantastic.

Her dreamy eyes flicked skyward. What to do today? I suppose I could check out the rink again but... nah. What about horse-riding? Pegasus-riding! Oh wait, I don't know anyone who owns a pegasus, bummer. Hmm, maybe I should just see how many apples I can eat in one sitting.

Crunch. Apples were nice. So crunchy.

Wait... did someone just squeak?

Robin turned, wide-eyed, seeing a familiar girl spilling milk all over herself. Laughter followed, as was expected during times like these, but she stayed quiet as she watched her sulkily rub the milk off to no avail. Poor girl. The stain would take ages to clean. That was only Robin's guess though; she never really did the laundry. Ha.

A question left the girl's lips as she leaned on Robin's table, and Robin grinned in reply.

"Change pants. Then load it up the washer and hope for the best."

Her forehead creased a little. This blonde girl rang a bell... Oh yeah!

"Oh hey, Mackenzie! Haven't seen you in a while."
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popular [private]
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