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 Sapphire Descendants

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PostSubject: Sapphire Descendants    Sat Dec 21, 2013 4:03 pm

okay so we've been writing this story in chat called Sapphire Descendants about this kingdom and it's a fantasy esque rp type thing which is where our weird usernames come from. Anyways, here is all the information on everything gathered together.

-Normount (Current Queen Vina belongs to Normount)
-Abbeymore (Rules over duchy of Astria)
House Agust (no current information)

-Morgana Normount (Princess Royal) - Bean
-Vina Normount (Queen) - Vina
-______ Normount (Current Crown Princess) - Cher
-Alisia Normount (Princess) - Pink
-Malachy Abbeymore (Prince) - ML
-Jenalyn Abbeymore (Dutchess) - Moon
-Blythe (Lady-in-waiting) - Bly

if you'd like to join, please feel free to change your username. However, everyone must understand that this is based of the CHB family tree (so Morgana Normount is the younger sister to Vina, because I am Vina's younger sister on the family tree).

DO NOT declare yourself emperor/overlord. It allows people too much power. As a collective group, we will discuss what powers will be divided between which people.
Note: This is not like a tumblr rp so you don't need to go into extreme detail, but you do need to tell me what you rule over.
character application:

Sample Character Application:

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: Sapphire Descendants    Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:34 pm

Official Title: Queen Ariel Agust 
Other Titles: Countess of Erytaous, Dutchess of Goldenheim 
Aliases: Ariel Evelyn Agust, Wicked, Ari. 
Allegiance: House Agust
Other: nope none bye. 

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Sapphire Descendants
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