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 Mako's Wonderful Chars

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PostSubject: Mako's Wonderful Chars   Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:51 pm


Name: Ethan Lenning

Age/Birthday: 10: 12/18/2003


God Parent: Demeter

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Jerry Lenning

Years in Camp: 0

Brief History: Ethan was always a bit of a wimp. Considered to be a failure by most of the kids in his town because all he wanted to do was garden and hang around in the local forest. One warm and sunny afternoon Ethan was in the forest, looking at all the cool flowers. When out of the dark a giant harpy swoops down and attacked. Ethan turned and ran away but the harpy cut him off, so Ethan forced the plants to entangle the harpy and he ran off. When he got back he told his dad the story. His dad finally caved and let him come to Camp.

Physical Appearance:Ethan is Short (4'5). He has brown hair and blue eyes. Ethan is in general skinny and small. He also often wears long sleeved dress shirts and jeans. Slightly tan from being out in the sun all day. He has hair that is nearly to his eyes at all times. Ethan has small eyes due to lack of sleep usually.


Personality: Ethan is kind, maybe a little bit too nice. In general is a person who tries to help others. He tends to get worked up too much and cries alot. But Ethan is very brave and courageous in helping others. When not motivated, Ethan is not one to be confident and will not stand up for himself.

Fatal Flaw: Ethan tries to help people too much and can put people in danger.

Pets: He has dog named Lily

Talents: Ethans talents are Gardening/Forcing Plants to do what he wants (Can only be used once every year)

Weapons: He has a long knife that gains strength while in more forested areas.


Year-Round or Summer: Year round

Other: He has horrible anxiety.

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PostSubject: Re: Mako's Wonderful Chars   Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:10 am

Ethan Lenning is Approved!
Happy roleplaying!
Great job!

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Mako's Wonderful Chars
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