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 meaningless fiction

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PostSubject: meaningless fiction   Tue Dec 17, 2013 11:31 pm

okay so be prepared for full out ranting about nothing in particular, i just need it out of my system.

you don't know how i feel when i see you, how i hold my breath just to make sure that it's actually you. the smirk on your face and stupid jokes remind me that, yeah, you're actually there. i love how i can talk to you, about basically anything. from how we both aren't like in our sports, to how the second percy jackson movie made us want to stab ourselves in the face.

then again, when i don't see you, it's like that happiness has faded from view. i know it's still there, but i'm not feeling it in the same way. without your constant jokes and stupid greetings, i'd lose it.

i'd lose my freaking mind without you.

and that sounds really desperate and stupid, trust me, i've told myself that. but it's true. and yet, i can't bring myself to telling you that, because i feel like by telling you, i'd ruin any chance i had. in my head, i'm convinced that you're just being nice, really nice, like you are to everyone. but honestly, i don't know. all i know is i'm at my best when i'm with you.
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meaningless fiction
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