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 You've lost your head.

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a. hams
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PostSubject: You've lost your head.   Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:23 am

Queen Wicked is overwhelmed.
Queen Wicked has finals next week.
Queen Wicked must study for these finals. 
Queen Wicked should stop talking in 3rd person.

Anyways yes like I stated above, I have stupid finals on thursday and friday of next week. Wonder why I haven't been replying to any roleplays or started the Jatalia plot? One word. S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G. guysstudyinghastheworddyinginitcauseitkillsyou. So I won't be on until later next week. I might once or twice be on the chatbox, but I won't be roleplaying, so please please don't bug me about replying. Thanks. 

Also, why do teachers feel the need to pile seventy million projects on top of freshmen while they have to study for finals and worry about not being stressed? Honestly, teachers, get you stuff together...

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You've lost your head.
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